How to get Unlimited Free OneDrive Storage


You might be wondering how it is possible to get ” Unlimited ”storage. By unlimited, I mean thousands of GB’s Yes! You can get upto 5 TB (5,000 GB) on OneDrive which is unlimited for mostusers.

You have 2 different option to acquire free space on OneDrive

  • Use their referral program to generate free space.
  • get ready made accounts with Up to 5 TB Storage.

OneDrive Referral Program

Onedrive has referral program like Dropbox which you canleverage to earn free space by referring other users toOneDrive.

You can take advantage of this and get a lot of free space. Nowtheir limit of how many people you can refer may change over time.But you can use this method to earn more space and save a lot ofmoney on monthly fees.

On each qualified referral, you get 500 MB ( As of June 2018.This may change in the future) So don’t take my words final. Headover to OneDrive Official website to learn about the latestinformation.

Dont want to do it yourself ?

Get Upto 1,000 GB OneDrive Storage

Life Time Account!

  • Custom account
  • Freshly new created account
  • Custom username
  • Compatible with Windows,
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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I have discussed this method in great details in my dropboxarticle. The method is pretty much the same. You can read thatarticle to get an idea. I am outlining it again for you here.

Login to your OneDrive account and get your invite link. Clickon Account > Space and save the link provided by OneDrive.

2) Get a temporary email Address

You have to create an account and install Onedrive using yourreferral link. For that, you need an email address. Since theseaccounts will be for no use, you only create them to get freespace. You don’t need a real email address anyway.

it is easier to get a temporary email address from free servicecalled 10 Minutes email. Do not create email addresses ontop email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo. They might askfor phone verification and it isn’t worth your time to verify youremail accounts back and forth.

How to get Unlimited Free OneDrive Storage


In 10 Minutes email, you can grab an email address and verifyyour OneDrive account instantly.

PS: Email Address is only valid for 10 minutes. Make sure youuse it within 10 minutes otherwise it’ll be deleted.

3) Change your IP address

You have Onedrive Invite link along with new Email address from10MinutesEmail. Now you have to change your IP Address and createan account using your invite link.

To change your IP Address, I suggest to Premium Proxies. ( donot use free public proxies) they are spammed and slow and won’twork in most cases. Premium proxies are fast and easy to operate.Download a simple Chrome plugin, copy and paste the proxy and boom,your IP is changed.

How to get Ready Made 5 TB (5,000 GB OneDrive Accounts

If you don’t have the time to invest and earn free credits, youcan use my service to get 5 TB OneDrive account instead. A lot ofpeople has been contacting me for this for a long time and I keptrefusing. Because I was busy with other projects

There are different sellers you can use to get Ready made OneDrive Accounts. The best option is to use different freelancingmarketplaces and hunt for individual sellers. These sellers tend togive good costumer support as compare to big companies and can workfor less.

How to get Unlimited Free OneDrive Storage

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Here are few frequently asked questions about buying ready madeOneDrive Accounts.

How these sellers transfer the account to me ?

It is fairly straight forward. We send your user id and passwordfor the account that you can change later.

These Accounts are Compatible with Windows, Appleand Android devices.

Once you get user id and pass from our side, you can takecontrol of the accounts by changing its credentials.

Can I get an account with costume username?

Yes, you can, please write costume username/name in theinstructions box and we’ll take care of it for you.

OneDrive Accounts With 5 GB Storage

Accounts will be delivered anywhere between 24 hours to 48hours. Depending on the seller.

Order NOW

Here are some more salient features of our accounts.

  • Name given will be used for an email address. (Password can bechanged on the first login)

  • Usernames and passwords will be provided by the seller.
  • One account is an email address and password.

How you can place an order ?

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to buy OneDriveAccounts.

  • Step-1
  • STep-2
  • step-3

Click Here to get list of all sellers on freelancing platformfiverr.

Signup to fiverr and Click on Order now Button to make yourpurchase. You can either pay via PayPal or Credit Card. They acceptall major Credit/debit cards.

Wait for the delivery! You will get an email as soon as yourseller deliver your order. Please communicate with the seller ifyou are having any issues.

That pretty much cover everything in depth. I laid downdifferent options for you to get some free space on OneDrive. Thechoice is yours! Any ideas? Please let me know in the commentsection and don’t forget to share my article on social media.

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