How to get Vkontakte votes for free


There are several ways to get Vkontakte votes for free, in In the article we want to consider several of them. In many social networks, games, etc. have your own currency that you need buy for real money. In the VK social network, for example, this is so called voices. For these voices, you can perform various actions: buy and give gifts, their cost is from 1 to 50 votes. Also You can spend votes in different applications and games, for quickly promotion, and you can also buy sets of stickers for communication, new stickers appear every month.

how to get votes in vk for free

How to buy VKontakte votes

You can buy votes in an official way. Now there are two ways to get votes:

  1. Buying Vkontakte votes. Consider a way to get votes in an official way, that is, buying them. To get started, go in “My settings”, then select “Payments” and you will be shown how many votes are on your balance, and there will be a button “replenish balance” ее и нажимайте.how to buy VKontakte votes
    • Банковские карты — вы оплачиваете голоса через вашу карту.
    • Mobile phone – payment of votes via SMS (3 votes – 35 rubles).
    • Payment systems – buy votes through an electronic wallet (10 votes – 70 rubles).
    • Payment terminals – in your city you will find terminals where You can replenish the balance of votes of VK.
  2. Top up your vk votes for free. Second way which also have an official, earning votes using different applications.

How to get VKontakte votes for free

Let’s take a closer look at the “Special offers” method by clicking on this button, we get to the list of applications and promotions for which You can get a certain number of votes for free.

where to get VKontakte votes for free

By clicking on any task you can read the conditions under which You will get votes, most often it’s reach some level in application, or buying tickets, bank loans. Keep track of updates in these offers, they change once a month, lungs it’s not so much, but you can still find something.

Tasks for getting VK votes

Consider how you can earn votes using third-party services. The basis here is the earnings of VKontakte points and likes, which you can exchange for voices.

  1. Roboliker – a simple and convenient service for making money votes in VK. Register on the site, then you предоставят три вида заданий.cheat votes in vkЗа все эти действия Вы будете получатьlikes, which can later be exchanged for voices, cheat or electronic money.
  2. Vkway is a good service that will allow you to earn only votes, but also withdraw points earned on payment системы: WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги, Мобильный, QIWI.vk free cheat votesЗдесь также выполняя разныеtasks, you will receive points which you can then exchange for vote.

Vkontakte voice contests

Some groups and public competitions hold where to do repost or solve simple tasks for which they will give you vote.

VKontakte contests for votes

Competitions are held several times a day, so look for such Public and seize the moment! Some groups from time banned for contests, so in the search for Vkontakte you can look for new ones. Earn and get Vkontakte votes at all difficult, the main thing is not to fall for a divorce, remember that there are no services for cheating on Vkontakte votes.

We hope this article helps you and you earn votes free using these methods.

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