How To Increase Facebook Friends?


‘Get 5000 Facebook friends in one day’ or ‘Auto Get5000 Facebook Friend Requests without any effort‘ are examplesof clickbait articles that will only get you a virus in yoursystem.

If you want to learn REAL tips for increasing your Facebookfriends, then keep on reading this carefully researchedarticle.

Why Do You Need So Many Facebook Friends?

Did you know that 2.3 billion people use Facebook daily?

New social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, andYouTube have gained popularity in the past decade, but Facebook isstill the biggest social media platform in the world.

When I was a teenager, having a lot of Facebook friends meantthat you are the popular ‘cool’ kid among your peers. Thissentiment is still alive today; more Facebook friends means highervisibility which has many advantages, including:

  1. Greater opportunity for real social connections
  2. Higher job opportunities
  3. A higher chance of diverting social attention to a cause
  4. Greater business opportunities

We cannot deny the reality of online presence in this age; fromemployers to future spouses, everyone makes the first impressionabout you, from your social media profile. What is more, Facebookis an excellent platform for organic and paid opportunities becauseit has a vast potential reach.

A large number of friends will not only increase your chancesfor more opportunities, but they will also make your profile lookgreat!

Here is how you can increase your friends on Facebook:

The first step to increase your Facebook friends is to inviteyour friends, family members, colleagues, and others on yourcontact list. You can upload your contacts from your mobile phoneor your email address to Facebook in the following simplesteps:

Step 1: From the Facebook App for iPhone and Android, select.

Step 2: Tap Friends.

Step 3: Tap Contacts, then tap Get Started.

Once you’ve turned on mobile contact uploading, your contactswill automatically be uploaded to Facebook when you open yourapp. When you have uploaded the contacts, you will have theoption to invite all or some of your contacts to become yourFacebook friend.

Your friends and your family are the people who are most likelyto accept your Facebook request, and this will help you grow yourfriends on Facebook.

Once, you have added friends, the Facebook algorithm will showyou and others ‘mutual friends‘ and ‘people you mayknow‘ option. In this way, you can reach out to more people andgrow your friend list.

Another way to add active friends to your list is by sendingFacebook friend requests to your Twitter followers. Twitterati areusually active and engaged individuals – they will become valuablefriends on Facebook as well. You can expect them to comment andreacts to your posts regularly, increasing post engagement.

You can ask your Twitter followers to befriend you on Fb bysending them a Twitter direct message. The direct messageshould:

  • Thank the person for following you on twitter
  • Ask them to join you on Facebook as well
  • Include a link to your profile

Example: Thanks for connecting with me on Twitter. You can joinme on FB too:

Facebook events are an effective way of meeting people withsimilar interests. Businesses, communities, and friends are oftencreating events that give you an opportunity to connect with peopleand make new friends. Examples include meetup, book club, videogame night, and food festival, etc.

I have made several valuable friends through my love for bakingand reading. I have found Facebook friends from all over the worldwho are genuinely interested in what I post on social media.

You can also create events such as a college reunion which willgive a chance to reconnect with old friends and add them to yourFacebook friend list.

You can also create events to make new friends. I once created a‘bring one ingredient’ bake day event for my neighborhood. Imet so many of my neighbors, which I hadn’t known before, and Iinvited them to become my Facebook friend as well.

In this way, you can also reconnect with old friends and makenew ones, in real life, and on Facebook.

Suggestions for events

  • Halloween pumpkin carving party for kids and parents
  • Movie night in the backyard
  • Pet-meet
  • Playdates
  • Hang out with other moms/dads in your kid’s school
  • Arts and crafts meet
  • Video game night

Facebook groups are an excellent way to meet like-minded peopleand increase your friend list. Facebook groups are like anexclusive club that you can join to become part of a broadercommunity. I have found that people are more engaged and vocal onFacebook groups than on Facebook pages or posts. They are candidbecause they believe that they are a valuable part of thecommunity.

You can increase your chances of findings good friends byjoining groups which interest you; these can be related to:

  • Your hobbies
  • Sports
  • Career aspiration
  • Online working platforms
  • Volunteer programs

Check three things before you join a group:

  1. Do you find this group interesting?
  2. Would you want to interact with the members of this group?
  3. Is it an active group?

I am a part of several groups in which I am an active member.Visibility is essential to stay relevant; you will not be able toattract new friends if you remain a silent member. So, mysuggestion is to join no more than 15 groups.

Check these Facebook groups for inspiration: Cristiano RonaldoJuventus King with 2.3 million members 13-day diet group with 66kmembers, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Fans group with 67k members.

Your Facebook posts show what you want to share with yourfriends. It is as if you are talking to your friends online. Yourfriends will only listen to you if you are It is a fact of lifethat interesting people are the ones with the most friends.

So, it makes sense for you to post things that your friendswould be interested in. Here are ten types of posts which can helpyou increase engagement:

  • Multimedia posts: A picture does speak louder thanwords; research shows that people are thrice as likely to engagewith visual posts. Facebook provides the option of posting textual,visual, and even multimedia content. You should increase theattractiveness of your post by using a catchy image or a shortvideo.
  • Ask Questions: By asking a question, you involve theother person. Commonly, people like to talk about themselves. Thusthey are more likely to respond when you ask them a question. Youcan ask fill in the blank questions, ask riddles, create Facebookpolls, or ask your friends to tell stories on a specific hashtagsuch as #mymostembarrasingmoment

How many times have you answered a friend who asked, ‘what’syour favorite drink?’ or ‘is this dress blue & black or white &gold?’

  • Talk about Current Events: You can get high responses ifyou share information about a current event. The current eventcould be local such as a neighborhood food drive, or it can beinternational such as the fire in the Amazon forest.
  • Share about Yourself: Your friends and family willrespond if you post meaningful content from time to time. Share themoments which make you happy and sad, frustrated, and optimisticbecause these emotions are experienced by everyone and peoplerelate to emotional content.
  • Mix it up: Repetitive content becomes boring; don’t postone type of content every day. Try to mix it up with images,videos, status updates, throwback images, travel logs, questions,jokes, and deep-thoughtful discussions. Keeping it fresh will keepyour audience engaged.
  • Have Fun! Finally, and most importantly have funwith a random meme or a funny joke. A good sense of humor is alwayswelcome ?

Engaging content will not only attract new friends, but it willalso keep your old friend from ‘unfriending’ you :D. Take a look atthis example:

Have you ever unfriended someone because they post too much? Ihave. One research found that too many posts are the number onereason people unfriend their peers on Facebook. If you are postingtoo much content, your friends will become annoyed by the barrageof notifications they are getting for useless posts.

You don’t need to post the same picture from 5 different angles,just 1 good picture will do the trick. Make your posts count byposting compelling content with moderation.

Once a day is a good balance.

It is essential that you engage with your friends as well; replyto your friend’s comments and post on their Fb wall to startconversations. In this way, you will achieve two goals:

  1. be connected with your friends and
  2. befriend your friend’s friend as they join the conversationthat you started.

You can employ this same technique on the groups and pages youhave joined. Don’t hesitate to reply to any comment that you likein a group or strike a conversation with a group member. Peoplewant to connect with others; if you respond to someone’s comment ora strike conversation with them, they are more likely to look youup and befriend you on Facebook.

Other ways in which you can form a meaningful connection withpeople are:

  • Give good advice: If you can help someone out for aproblem they are having, then they are very likely to accept yourfriend request. For example; someone may need a recommendation forwhich phone to buy, or where to get the most affordable yet stylishclothes, or where to find a good vet, etc.
  • Appreciation Posts: appreciate someone in your Facebookgroup for being a good contributor or for always helping others,etc. this will you a good rapport with the person as well as therest of the group.

Facebook widget and profile link are the easiest way to increasefriends on Facebook. You can include a Facebook link in yourInstagram bio, your Twitter bio, Your YouTube Channel, or yourblog.

Inserting the widget or the link makes it easy for the audienceto access your profile and befriend you on Facebook. You shouldkeep the following in mind when posting an Fb widget or link:

  • Make sure it is visible to your audience
  • Inform your audience about the link and tell them how to useit
  • Link it in your Instagram/Twitter/YouTube profile bios, likethis:

  • Link it to your posts, like this:

Have you ever had a Facebook friend who was always sellingsomething on Facebook? How fast did you unfriend them?

People don’t like to feel that you are using them only topromote yourself or sell something. People will only want to beyour friend if they connect with you, and that’s only possiblethrough real content.

Don’t be a sellout! It is fine to ask your friend list to like apage that you have started, but it is not right to constantly askthem to go and like the post or go read the new blog you havewritten. Don’t ask your friends to buy the homemade candles you aremaking or your DIY resin wood table.

Share your world with your friend, don’t ask them to buy thingsrepeatedly.

No one appreciates a stalker! Don’t stalk your friends’ profilesand comment on every single post. Don’t write a lot of posts onyour friend’s walls; multiple posts can annoy your friend and causethem to unfriend you.

While it is futile to strive for universal popularity, it isvital to make sure that you are not being unethical or offensive toyour friends. People may take offense by:

  • Crass jokes
  • Political opinions
  • Religious opinions
  • Racial issues

It is essential to understand the difference between statingyour opinion and ridiculing someone for theirs. Choose your wordscarefully, and even if someone still gets offended, then diffusethe situation.


In this post, we learned two things:

  • The advantages of having a large number of Facebookfriends
  • How to increase your Facebook friends?

Social networking is an undeniable aspect of our everyday lives;it is a part of our personal as well as our professional world. Alarge number of Facebook friends means that you have increasedopportunities for personal connections and business prospects. Ihave discussed all the do’s and don’ts, which I found useful inincreasing my Facebook friends.

Do you know of any other way? Do share with us, lets becomeFacebook friends. ?

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