How to make a crush online in high quality is free


How to make minus songs in good quality

Today’s Internet offers us a number of network services, allowing you to create a backing track online. Such tools are divided into paid and free alternatives. And the best quality is that naturally, you will receive on a paid site.

When creating a backing track, keep in mind that not every song can be “crush”. The result obtained directly depends on the quality basic composition, vocals, percussion in the song tools (with a minus one they suffer most). In the end In the long run, most of the results will carry an echo depressed vocals in the background, though not always so tangible for hearing.

Work with resources of this plan is usually built on standard patterns:

  1. You go to such a resource, upload your audio file;
  2. Next, we determine the parameters of backing track (filter frequency, high-frequency amplification, final audio file format, etc.);
  3. Start the setting procedure;
  4. Listen and download the result to PC.

Let’s move on to the list of online alternatives available to us, allowing you to complete the crush absolutely free and in good quality.

We also discussed earlier how to slow down music online. – free online service for creating backing tracks

Service – the most popular in Runet service that allows you to make a crush. Its functionality is convenient, simple and intuitive, the procedure for getting backing takes takes a minute or two, the result can immediately be downloaded to a PC. The basis of the work online-service set the principle of phase difference channels: algorithm service calculates duplicate sounds, and removes them from the composition.

To work with a resource, do the following:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on the inscription “Select an audio file for processing”;
  3. Indicate the service path to your audio file, the setting of which need to do;
  4. The file will be uploaded to the resource and it will start. playback;
  5. Use the filter frequency slider to set the frequency at which setting is performed most efficiently;
  6. Select the desired file save format (mp3 , wav, ogg) below and its quality (1 28, 192, 25 6, 320 kbs);

    Tune settings on

  7. Click on “Download” to save the result to your PC. – a domestic resource for removing vocals from songs

Another domestic online service for creating crush is The specified resource is ready-made database of backing tracks on which you can find the composition you need. Available on the resource and a tool for receiving a crush, the functionality of which we will use.

Do the following:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Browse”, indicate to the service the path to the desired audio file, then click on “Download”;
  3. После загрузки файла на ресурс кликните на “Make a crush” ;

    Сделать задавку

    Click on “Make a Catch”

  4. Click on “Download the resulting file” to save the result. on the pc.

You may also be wondering how to search for music by sound online. – The Best Online Crush Site

In my subjective opinion, the English-language service allows you to get the minus one of the best quality. Unfortunately, the service’s functionality is conditionally free, and without any payment you can process only 5 files and listen only 30 seconds of the composition processed by the service. But even this a small segment allows you to evaluate the quality of the crush, and with necessary, pay a paid site functionality.

To remove vocals from good quality music, do following:

  1. Launch and click on “TRY IT NOW”;
  2. Click on “Drop original audio file here” to download audio per resource (files up to 100 megabytes of mp3, wav format are supported, aac, wma, flc, aiff);

    Loading resource

    Upload your audio to the resource

  3. The service will allow you to listen separately to the original, karaoke (minus) and vocals. The last two segments are limited to 30 seconds, while they can be downloaded to the PC using the button “Download”.

    Karaoke vocals

    The resource’s functionality allows you to listen to both karaoke and vocals – will help to clean and free of charge qualitatively voice from a song

The developer of “Vocal Remover Pro” has been creating for more than ten years various digital products that enable high-quality implementation online crush. These include the paid program “Vocal Remover Pro “(version 2.0 is current) and a free network service “Online Vocal Remover”, based on an algorithm referred to as “Vocal Remover Pro”. The functionality of this free we will use the service, while remembering that to save result on the PC on this resource registration is required.

Do the following:

  1. Log in to;
  2. Scroll down the page, click on the “Browse” button, and upload the audio file to the resource;
  3. In the Verification field, enter the values ​​to the right. (captcha);
  4. Click on “Create karaoke Track”;

    Create Track

    Click on “Create karaoke Track”

  5. Wait for the backing track to finish;
  6. Listen to the result, then click on “Download” to download it to a PC.


    Download the result to your PC – an online backing track for the Chrome browser

A feature of this resource is to work only with a browser Chrome and analogues on the Chromium engine. With alternative browsers (Mozilla and others) the resource will not work stably. Wherein Resource developers say Humtools doesn’t work well with monofiles and files with not centered vocals (in both In some cases, a low quality crush is obtained)

Do the following:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Click here—” and upload the audio file to resource;
  3. Wait until the file is processed;
  4. Listen to the result, and click on “Download Audio” for it Download to PC.

    Humtools Window Resource Working Window – free database of music tracks with a crush

The functionality of the resource is a huge base backing tracks in which the user can find many songs to your taste. To the credit of this resource, there is also network tool to remove voice from a song online is free. The latter uses a proprietary algorithm “ShapeImager”, which allows you to get stereo sound and quality delete the vocals available in the song.

Do the following:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Choose file” and indicate the path to the system. file;
  3. Playback of your song starts. Using the sliders “Vocal location”, “Cutoff frequency” and “HF” gain try achieve maximum vocal suppression;


    Suppression Settings on

  4. Click on “Download file” to download the result to PC.

Also in our other material, we examined how to put together video and music online.

When considering how to make a crush in good quality for free, you can not help but mention the existing ones database of backing tracks on the network. The audio files laid out there are usually good quality, and it is likely that you will find there and you need track.

In particular, it is worth mentioning such online resources as:

No. Link Description
1 A huge online music archive of various backing tracks.
2 Popular domestic archive of music without vocals.
3 A large database of various cons.
4 Music archive with over 30 thousand music tracks without a voice.
5 The best backing tracks and phonograms online, etc.

Base backing tracks

The resource contains a database of more than 30 thousand backing tracks


Above, we examined in detail how to make a crush online in good quality absolutely free. And what network tools will help us with this? Of the described alternatives I consider to be the best – its quality minus one is at a decent level, unattainable for others competitors. If the functionality of network services did not suit you, you can always turn to stationary programs of the Audacity level, Karaoke Anything, Wavosaur, AnalogX Vocal Remover and others, and Run a crush using them.

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