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  • 1 Life2film – one of the most popular services for video montage online
  • 2 Cellsea – combine several videos and add music
  • 3 Wevideo – a video editor will help you mount a video
    • 3.1 Instructions for online video editing

To make video editing and, for example, to overlay video music you can use the popular service Life2film. is he simple enough, because it does not have that wide functionality, owned by desktop editors from Sony or Adobe.

Mount Video Online on Life2film

Mount Video Online at Life2film

  1. To start using the service, you need to in it register It can be done through authorization through one of the social networks.
  2. After that, you will need to upload files by clicking on the button “Select files to upload”, wait for the transfer process to complete data and proceed directly to the editing itself.
  3. The editor interface is extremely simple, and all its elements signed up. Therefore, everyone can figure out the functionality.

It should be noted that with Life2film you can not just crop the video, compile a movie from several passages and overlay music, but also improve the picture. To do this, it provides several filters, such as VKontakte or Instagram.

If you need services for connecting video and music online, Forgive the relevant article.

Cellsea – connect multiple videos and add music

Cellsea is another service with which you can edit to connect a small video. Unlike the first, he has a much more ascetic interface that can be studied in a few minutes.

Mount video and put music online on Cellsea

Mount video and put music online on Cellsea

Unlike Life2film on Cellsea, you can not only crop video and collect video from it, but also add to your movie Images.

The only inconvenience that makes this service inconvenient, is a limitation on the file size – that should not exceed 25 megabytes. Therefore, Cellsea is editable only. small videos of poor quality.

Wevideo – a video editor will help you mount a video

If Cellsea allows you to edit only very small video, then using Wevideo you can handle multimedia content whose size does not exceed 1 gigabyte.

Edit video online on Wevideo

Edit video online on Wevideo

However, users of Wevideo have the opportunity to remove this. restriction by subscribing, thereby upgrading your account

To use the capabilities of the service, you will need to first register on it It’s easy done through authorization through Google, Facebook or account Microsoft entry.

After authorization, a page opens, on which proposed to upload files locally stored on your server service. When this is done, it will open directly editor interface.

The file itself, upon completion of work on it, will be saved in cloud and will be there for the time being, until the user himself decides to delete it (for example, after loading the edited video to your computer). I hope you figured out how to mount a video from pieces and put music on it, if not, watch a YouTube video tutorial.

Instructions for online video editing

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