How to quickly find a message in a conversation in Skype?


Skype – is one of the most popular programs with which everyone can communicate for free with family and friends, colleagues and friends without any restrictions. As in every program has its own characteristics and nuances, but we do not use all the functionality data programs. In addition to free calls, you can write text messages, all received and sent messages are stored in stories. Let’s look at how to search for a Skype chat message in stories? Skype

Skype message search process

For example, consider this situation, we talked with a colleague on work in the chat program, had a long correspondence, and at the beginning of conversation he dropped us an email address or necessary details, but after some time we needed them, how quickly find this message?

In any of the menus, click on the search bar, here you can select search immediately by messages (so that the filter searches in messages). Enter the text you need to find, and will be examples are shown where a specific word was used.

Good to know: if your search fails, it’s possible that Skype just doesn’t keep a message history, or it was deleted.

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