How to delete a message on Skype?


Good afternoon, users of our blog. You are already familiar with how Install Skype and create your own account in it. In everything you could already understand: how to write messages, call subscribers, add new contacts and more. But how to delete sent chat message in skype? how to delete messages on skype on the computer It happens that even most experienced users need tips on how to remove something or change in the program. What to do if necessary delete message or a little bit of it edit? Sometimes you just need to delete your account which you no longer use. Let’s consider in more detail how you can perform all these actions.

How to edit sent message on skype?

For example, you enter a correspondence with some person, and by chance sent a message with errors, you can edit messages already after posting, just change a few errors or something yet. To do this, right-click on the message and click Edit post.

how to delete messages on skype on the computer

The message you are editing will be marked as changed, so that your interlocutor will see where they were made changes.

How to delete messages on Skype so that they don’t read it?

If you just want to delete some of the sent messages in the chat, you should also right-click on it mouse and select Delete.

how to delete messages on skype

The system will ask if you are sure you want to delete this message. You can check the box so that later a warning appeared.

how to delete a message on skype

In the chat of the interlocutor, it will also be noted that the message is deleted and he could no longer read it. You can also see the story messages with a person for a certain period. In the contact list right click on the person’s icon and select View old posts and for which period. There is also a feature that allows you to mark conversations as unread.

how to find a message on skype

If you want to find a specific message, you can in the chat window press the key combination Ctrl + F and write a word, will be shown all messages with this word for the entire period of communication.

Individual messages from the history cannot be edited or deleted! You can clear the Skype history of the entire account immediately.

In the mobile application, you can also delete and edit messages. Click on a specific message and select the one you need. paragraph.

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