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If after installing the program or during its use, You are having problems, the microphone in Skype does not work, fix you can do it yourself by following simple instructions. You have a laptop the microphone is already built-in and you do not need to connect it, but you need set up correctly. Any microphone is suitable for a computer, which can be connected. Now let’s talk about the microphone settings in Skype if it is already connected to the connector in the computer. skype microphone setup If the microphone does not work – We configure it again by following the steps in this instruction. But in the beginning make sure the latest version of Skype is installed (download the latest version is available at the link), also see how to check Does all the speakers work in the computer.

The microphone does not work in Skype, what should I do?

  1. Run the program, for this on the desktop click on Skype icon. Another way is through the “START” menu and select Skype how to enable skype on computer
  2. Click the three dots in the upper corner of the screen and Sound Settings and video. “Example in the image below: skype settings
  3. Here you can make a free test call to check Is the microphone connected correctly? You can also choose through which plug connect devices and adjust speaker volume. how to set up skype to hear me
  4. When a microphone is connected, make a test call in the settings, where the answering machine will tell you what needs to be done. If after recording 10 seconds you hear this recording everything is done correctly.
  5. If the microphone does not work, connect it through another connector and also check if it is displayed in communication devices on a computer. To do this, go through the “Start” in the “Control Panel” and the item “Sound”. the microphone does not work on skype windows 7

If you still can’t adjust the microphone, it means that Something is wrong with the microphone, or it requires a driver (but this very very rare case). Or your operating system for some reason does not want to work with him. In the latter case, go to Control panels (accessible through the Start menu) – select “Sounds and audio devices “, then go to the” Audio “tab, see sound recording? Check the microphone volume, it should look like in our picture. If it doesn’t look like that – correct, then click “OK” in the volume settings and then “OK” in the sound settings, and — repeat the microphone check in skype.

how to set up the microphone sound on the computer

If the volume setting didn’t help, experiment with field (as in the picture below) – select other values. For this again go to the Control Panel (available through the Start menu) – select “Sounds and audio devices”, then go to the tab “Audio”. This can help connect the microphone to Skype.

connect microphone to computer

There is no sound in Skype what to do?

  • Sound settings are also carried out in the menu where and microphone, we can choose which device to play sound and adjust volume. configure sound in skype
  • This step is for those who do not have sound in Skype Go to your computer’s sound card settings and Check if the device is working properly. lost sound on the computer what to do
  • Update the sound card driver for your computer if required.
  • Click on “Make a test call on Skype.” In this manner You can accurately check the speakers or headphones.
  • If the test was successful – congratulations! You could connect the microphone and speakers to Skype. We also recommend an article on how to set up a webcam in Skype.

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