How to search for contacts on Google+?


If you want to easily and quickly find new friends sharing Your interests, then this list will provide you with many services, with which you can accurately select a new circle communication:


1. If you want to find new super popular friends, then Social Statistics is just for you. It will provide you with the Top 100 Most popular pages and posts. This service is in the lead among Google+.

2. Find People on Plus. This service is very simple and convenient. For searching for friends by interests, this is the best search engine. When searching, the correct distribution by goals interests and geography. The base has a large number users and constantly accepts a large flow of new;

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3. Group / as. Here you can find people on topics of interest and interests. The main page covers 9 major topics, among them such: celebrities, photographers, bloggers and others. To expand search you need to go to View all groups, where usernames will look like tags;

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4. Google+ Counter. This service presents a lot of ready-made lists in which users are united by interests. Also have the ability to create your own lists. But the search here is very indefinite, even displays information that is different from given one letter. Therefore, when searching, you must enter exact information. If there are quotation marks, then insert them; if not, then no need to insert them, as the service will look for information in quotation marks, the same applies to other characters;

5. Recommended Users. In this service in a visual way interests of users are represented;


6. Google + People Search. service is looking for users using keywords. For more convenient use, it is advisable to go through такому пути Regions > > Countries > > Job. So thus, more extensive lists will open;

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7. Alltop’s Pluserati. Search here is carried out by various parameters, among others alphabetically;

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8. Circle Count. In this service, men and women, you can make a search for users specific country or city. The search here is no longer by interests, but by functionality. In its base there are more 11 million active users of the service;


9. Find Your Plus. The service searches for countries cities, interests. The database has more than 16 million users;

10. Google + Search. Standard Google Search When Using keywords.


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