How to unlock access to the microphone in Yandex Android Browser


Why assistant Alice can’t hear you

As you know, the bonus of the mobile version of Yandex. Browser is voice assistant “Alice”, who saw the world in October 201 7. A feature of its functionality is the active use gadget microphone, thanks to which voice commands are issued assistant. Alice’s speech recognition engine is constantly improved, because it is increasingly recognizing user teams, and quite flexibly reacts to them.

After installing Yandex.Browser with an assistant on a smartphone or tablet user may find that he does not hear it teams. Some users may suggest that Alice is not adapted specifically to his type of voice, but this is not so. Usually the cause of the error is blocked at the software level Access the application to the microphone of your gadget.

Manipulating reinstalling the web browser in this situation usually turn out to be ineffective. What to do, and how way to unlock closed access to the microphone in the application Yandex.Browser on your Android? Let’s get it right.


We figure out how to unlock the microphone we need

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How to enable the microphone in Yandex.Browser on Android

To unlock the voice input feature in Yandex.Browser on Android, you must perform the following operations:

  1. Go to your gadget settings (swipe up down on the unlocked screen and click on the gear at the top on right);
  2. Select the section with applications in the list of settings (“All applications “);
  3. In the list of programs, find “Yandex Browser” or “Alice” and tap on it;
  4. Войдя в настройки приложения выберите пункт Permissions ;


    Select “Permissions”

  5. In the list of permissions, find the “Microphone” option. Translate indicator of this option in active state (On). Get out settings

    Turn on the microphone

    Use the microphone in your browser settings

  6. Launch your Yandex.Browser or tap on the activation icon Assistant Alice
  7. Give the application permission to record audio data, which necessary for its stable functionality;

    Allow Recording

    Allow audio recording

  8. Try talking to Alice as usual. Usually after of this, the assistant recognizes commands well and responds to them.

Typically, the list of steps allows you to access microphone in Yandex. But what to do if the indicated steps turn out to be ineffective?

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A few more tips on unlocking voice access in water

If Yandex.Alice still doesn’t hear you, or hears badly, we recommend that you also do the following:

No. Tip Features
1 Check if your gadget has enough free space. A clogged phone memory can cause problems an assistant.
2 Make sure you have stable internet connection. Reboot your router if necessary.
3 See if your Alice has voice activation enabled. To do this, go to the application settings Yandex.Browser (button with three horizontal lines). Further выбрать “Настройки”, и проверить опцию Voice Activation . She should be in the “on” position. If necessary, activate it and run the assistant.

Голосовая активация

Enable voice activation


In our article, we examined how you can unlock access to your microphone in Yandex.Browser on Android OS. And what steps will help us with this. Allow access to tinctures web browser, enable voice activation assistant. And Alice will be sensitive to your voice commands.

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