How to Win Online Contest Votes


Participating in online contest and want to get as much as votespossible?

Keep Reading, In this detailed fluff-free guide, I am going totell you how exactly you can win the online contest withoutbreaking the bank.

Majority of these contest tool integrate social media sites likeFacebook/Twitter and ask user to login via these platforms to vote.Which makes pretty difficult to win online voting competitions.

You might already tried voting from the same IP address or samesocial media accounts.

Guess what ?

Voting tools and sites are intelligent enough to catch this typeof activity. So that won’t work especially if you want to gethundreds of votes.

Lets discuss different techniques you can use to get some voteswithout breaking the bank.

Few Examples :-

  • Get more and more social media accounts to your fleet.
  • Your contest do not require to signup via facebook/twitter ?You need IP’s to vote!
  • Rent Social network accounts and use them in your contest.
  • Take advantage of crowd sourcing.

How to create Social media accounts in Bulk

If you are on a tight budget, you can create social mediaaccounts for the sole purpose of voting. For this, you need bulkemail addresses, phone numbers for verification and proxies.

Step-1 Create Email Address

Open Ten Minutes Email in New Browser and use by defaultemail for signing up to social media account.

Do not use a popular email address like Gmail, yahoo etc. Thereis free service called 10 minutes email which allows you to get atemporary email address and it expires within 10 minutes. Make sureyou use email account within 10 minutes to verify your social mediaaccount.

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It is pretty clever to use third party services. Because thesesellers usually have lots of accounts and they use it for multipleclients which is quite cost effective.

Step-2 Phone Number Verification

This is the trickiest and hardest part when it comes to accountcreation. It is not easy to get phone numbers for this social mediagiants.

VOIP number do not works with Facebook and Twitter and can beeasily detected by their algorithm. If someone is pitching you VOIPnumbers to create social media accounts, it is a scam!

You might be asking what is the difference between VOIP and dialin phone number ? Read quora discussion about the topic.

We recommend SkyCalledBd, these number works quite goodfor Facebook Twitter and Instagram. We use them in the past andthey work like a charm!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with SkyCalledBD in anyanyway.

I am creating social accounts since 2012 and used hundreds ofphone number sellers. SkyCalledBd is hands of one of the best andmy favorite.

The drawback to their service is that the numbers you buy can’tbe forwarded to your phone so you have to send emails back andforth to get the confirmation code.

Step-3 Proxies ( Clearing caches andcookies)

Creating multiple accounts on the same IP address mightblacklist your IP and you lose all accounts in the process.

Do NOT use free proxies! They are mostly banned by these giantsbecause of abuse and spam. Use Premium Private Proxies andcreate 2,3 accounts form the same IP address.

Read More Here. ( How to buy, activate and use them)

Clear Cookies and caches of your browser before creating eachaccount. Watch Below video to learn how you can change your cachesand cookies for Chrome.

As I said above, DOI ( Do it yourself) is only an option whenyou have less money but a lot of time. I know a lot of people whoare short on time and willing to spend some money.

Winning online contest and generating votes is not a rocketscience. But it takes time and if you already have a gazilliontasks on your palate, outsourcing this to someone who knows thismight be good value for money.

Don’t want to Do it yourself? Buy votes instead!

We have laid down everything for yourself if you want to do ityourself. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can outsourcevoting work to different service providers on the internet.

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We already have lots of social media accounts and we have allthe resources to create even more if you need voting in bulk.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me out. I’dbe glad to help you.

Use CrowdSourcing to get Online Votes

What does crowd sourcing means ? You post a project to recruitlarge amount of people that can help you to complete typicallysmall tasks for compensation.

For example you are willing to pay $0.50 per vote for yourcontest. The people you recruit will complete the task and get paidafter you review and approve their work. Here are my favorite CrowdSourcing Platforms:

Amazon Mechanical Turk


If you are in a hurry, i won’t recommend going through thisroute. Signup process on these sites is pretty intensive and youhave to provide lot of information about your project to getapproved.


If you have time but no money i’d recommend doing it takes lot of time to learn the ropes and master the skills.

Once you learn the skills, rinse and repeat and improve yourwork with integration of semi-automation.

If you can spend some money and don’t have time or don’t want todo it for any reason, i’d suggest hiring someone overseas to getupvotes.

I think it worth the money! The service provider i recommend aredirt cheap, you can get upto 100 votes for a $1.00!

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