HwSmartSuggestion – what is this program


What is this HwSmartSuggestion process?

User questions about a little-known program HwSmartSuggestion also arise because it does not have interface. That is, it can not be started or configured, like any another program or game. We only see a notification that it activated. Your smartphone also offers to receive detailed information by clicking on the notification. In your phone him could not have been earlier. But after a while, HwSmartSuggestion Itself has appeared.

HwSmartSuggestion Notice

HwSmartSuggestion Notification

The application can be downloaded along with updates to version 9 Android HwSmartSuggestion is the name of the program process “Advice”. A similar function is in most devices from different developers. It provides you with additional information about settings and firmware. If you consider yourself confident As a user, you can simply delete it from the phone. AND notifications on the smartphone screen will no longer appear. IN you can also find the Zooking Engine app on your smartphone – find out what is it.

How to disable the HwSmartSuggestion program

If you still decide to get rid of notifications in your Honor, You can simply disable this application. It can be done with each “native” program in Android. By turning off unnecessary, you save the RAM of the smartphone and its other important resources. Since most embedded applications run their processes without your permission. Do the following:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the main menu or on the screen curtains;
  2. On this page, find the “Applications” item and select his;
  3. Next, you need to tap on the tab “Everything” at the top of the window and in the list find “HwSmartSuggestion”;
  4. In this window you can select the “Stop” button to the application did not show annoying notifications. But at the next When you restart your smartphone, you will see messages again. Therefore in In the same window, you can select the “Delete” button.

    Remove HwSmartSuggestion

    Uninstall the HwSmartSuggestion application

Unlike other system programs in Honor, it is known that This HwSmartSuggestion application can be removed without any problems. It is not is important to the device. Its only function is – help in handling the phone.

Uber Russia – what is this application.

Warning before changing / deleting system files

When applications are uninstalled without any difficulty, It’s easier for users to optimize their smartphone. But not all Applications are standalone or independent. Many (e.g. built-in browser) programs are designed to complement each other. And if remove such a program, the phone may simply break. IN best case – you can restore the system through the settings or Recovery menu.

If you do not understand your device and do not know about the consequences of uninstalling system applications, it’s better not to do. When using programs for hacking (Root), your Warranty card is void. You must remember this.

How to remove system programs in Honor

In order to edit or modify system programs, files, you must have superuser privileges. Of this allow you to achieve special applications. You can download it on Google Play Or on the official pages. There are enough of them on the Internet many. But you can choose the most universal:

  • Kingo Root can be downloaded on the official website – http://www.kingoapp.com/. The program allows you to crack smartphones Android starting with version 4. Last ninth until supports;
  • FramaRoot – the most popular because of the support of the Russian language. You can download it at http://framaroot.ru/;
  • Vroot can be found on the popular forum https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=503408&st=240.

You can also find on w3bsit3-dns.com already mentioned, as well as others Programs for obtaining Root rights in your Honor. All downloadable Files need to be checked for viruses. Most often in this kind various trojans spread from programs, from which enough hard to get rid of.

In the instructions for the program you will find a way to remove system applications that occupy the memory space in the smartphone. But completely useless to you. Through the program for getting root you need to find the system folder. It is usually located at following path from the root “/ System / App”.


Android system folder with installed applications

Find the desired program file that you want to get rid of and delete it along with supporting files. They are easy to find, so how they have their original icons. They are called as well as in the main menu. Removing system applications along with the program HwSmartSuggestion you can clean your Honor smartphone and speed up his work.

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