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What kind of network is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that positions itself as a place where you can easily find and maintain business contacts. Simply put, this is a site where experts from different areas add each other to “friends”, chat tête-à-tête and in groups.

As of 2016, the website interface translated into 23 languages, among which there are, including Russian. Relatively recent data indicate that Linkedin’s service Over 400 million user accounts registered however, how many of them are active are not reported.

LinkedIn Business Network

LinkedIn Business Network

In the summer of 2016, the LinkedIn project changed its owner. Company Microsoft has agreed with the former leadership of the company to transfer the site under the control of the software giant. The deal amounted to 26 billion, 200 million dollars. This is one of the largest Microsoft acquisitions in the history of the corporation. I hope you understand that this is LinkIn, now let’s take a look use of a social network.

Who uses the social network LinkedIn

The service represents 150 business sectors in 200 countries of the world. However, the majority of users (almost 50%) are people, Living and working in the United States. So Thus, we can assume that almost every professional American has an account in this service.

Percentage of users from Europe (including Russia) makes up 25% or about 100 million people. On the third place – India is just over 2% or 10 million users.

LinkedIn Social Network Features

What does LinkedIn mean for online business? Functional social network created to serve users, interested in finding and / or maintaining work contacts and communicating on professional topics. LinkedIn provides a simple interface for inviting (so to say, import contacts) people from other services, such as an email contact book, friends lists social networks etc. It is also interesting that many Runet users do not yet know what this website. LinkedIn Home Page

LinkedIn users can fill out profiles. I have an opportunity indicate in them: contact information, information about education and places of work, skills, etc. It is necessary that others service users could find a person and, for example, hunt (invite to an interview for work).

The site has the ability to publish materials (as in Facebook / Twitter feed / microblog), exchange messages, communicate in interest groups, etc.

Contacts for job search

Job Search Contacts

Who needs LinkedIn and why

LinkedIn social network is a service for those who are used to to separate work and personal life. It can be used to to have a convenient way to communicate with employees, colleagues and / or business partners, while not embarrassing them with their non-work posts (as it would be if workers contacts were on Facebook friend or VKontakte).

In addition, is known to be a site that can help find interesting and well-paid jobs or new business partners.

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