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How to contact the hotline operator in Moscow

For all residents of Moscow and the region there is a single free telephone support lines – 8800 250 00 50.

Contact Center Phone

MGTS Contact Center Phone Number for Moscow

You can call the hot number at any time of the day. Any question can be asked regarding: no connection in mobile device (MGTS and MTS), it is not possible to enter the LC, it is not unloaded video and more. You can arrange with the operator to You were visited by a specialist. And I solved all the problems in your home. A specialist can be ordered at any convenient for you personally time.

If you live in Moscow, the call will cost 500 rubles. You You can order the services of a master if you do not have experience or desire configure MGTS equipment yourself. Moreover, the specialist able to do almost any job in the shortest possible time term.

Location of service centers

Location of MGTS Service Centers

You can find out the location of services in Moscow using the online map. Which is also on the company’s website.

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Additional MGTS Support Contacts

If you are a subscriber of MGTS or MTS communications, you can call support by number – 0636 . Calls are accepted around the clock. You can also use additional toll free number – 8 495 636-06-36.

Additional MGTS phone numbers

Additional telephone numbers of the MGTS contact center

It is free if you make a call from your home or MGTS mobile phone.

To summarize – you can call customer support or MGTS hotline by numbers:

Telephone Features
8800 250 00 50 Around the clock from MGTS and MTS phones
0636 Free short number
8495636 06 36 Hotline for subscribers from Moscow and the region

The company provides camera maintenance services video surveillance. If you need their warranty repair or free replacement, call – 8 495 636-0-636. In case of breakage the camera you rented, you must contact the same the center where you made the rental. Specialists will check why she broke down. If it turns out that you are the culprit, billed to be paid.

If you have problems with the camera you bought, Contact the service center. Their contacts are in the coupon, which was included when buying equipment. Center staff undertake to repair or replace with a new camera within The period specified in the guarantee is 1 year.

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Other ways to contact technical support

Today, many companies have their own official pages in popular social networks. This communication method is convenient everyone has its advantages both for the company itself and for customers or users. MGTS is no exception.


  1. On the official website support home page below you can find links to social. network.


    Social network pages on MGTS website

  2. By choosing one of them, you will be taken to a group of companies where you can ask any question that interests you.


    MGTS Odnoklassniki page

  3. On the same page, select the support section.

    Service sections

    Sections of services on the MGTS website

  4. By selecting a section with the Internet or mobile communications, you can check speed.

    Speed ​​Check

    Check Wi-Fi connection speed

  5. To do this, lower the page below and find this block. In the shape of Wi-Fi speed checks need to choose a mobile manufacturer devices. As well as the model of the device.
  6. Below you can determine the maximum connection speed by wireless network.

Услуга “Hot line” для абонентов МГТС

The MGTS telephone operator has a special service for its абонентов — “Hot line” . Its function is to that home phone owners can connect it quickly Call the specified number. The service will come in handy if in the house there are elderly people with low vision, children or people with disabilities in move. When you connect the Hotline, you must remove hang up your home phone and wait up to 10 seconds. Thereafter the phone automatically dials the specified number number.

Горячая линия

Connection conditions and cost of the Hotline service

Thus, the service is perfect for people who often dial the same number. It is easy to manage, as you need just press a few phone keys to activate / deactivate the service.


  1. To activate, dial the combination * 53 *, then without a space enter the number that the phone will automatically dial. AND again without space enter “#” (pound sign);
  2. Next, listen to the handset. If you hear one continuous beep – you managed to activate the service;
  3. If you hear iridescent beeps or electronic answering machine – you cannot use the service or did something is wrong;
  4. If you hear short, intermittent beeps – you made a mistake when typing a command.

    Service activation

    Service activation from MGTS

To try typing the command again, hang up. AND try retyping the specified characters. To deactivate service, you need to dial the same command, but before the numbers (* # 52 *) put the grill. You can put on quick dial even support phone and company hotline MGTS.

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