My Self-Tested Top 7 Hacks to Increase RedditKarma


Find memes funny? Is science useful? News important? Do notworry, a simple way to find that amusing information is visitingReddit. Reddit got you covered.

Do you know even Reddit has a scorecard? Yes, and you need to beskilled enough to get a good one and let us see how to increaseit.

And so let’s look at:

  1. What Reddit karma is?

  2. Why is it so important? and

  3. How do you improve it?

There are other terms too in the picture like types of Redditkarma, Rules, Subreddit, Community.

Why is it safe from spamming which we will see later in thepost.

What is Reddit karma?

Do you remember or know Digg? Well, no one is on Digg thesedays. It is one of the websites which used to be popular. Newerversion of Digg is Reddit. Everyone is on Reddit. The site billsitself as the “Front page of theInternet”. It is a self-regulating marketplace ofidea. So, simply, Reddit is a message board where users submitlinks and if it has some valuable content, it is upvoted and thosedeemed, unworthy and downvoted.

My Self-Tested Top 7 Hacks to Increase RedditKarma

For getting a good scorecard you need to score good in the examwhich ultimately means you know much more than others. This is samein the case of Reddit karma.

The number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes determines apost’s score. Reddit is a monster of a community serving thousandsof niche articles as well as audiences. Reddit users can alsoupvote or downvote other users’ comments.

Every user’s account has a karma score tied to it, whichindicates how much karma points their comments have received tillnow. Karma points do not account for any financial benefit oranything like that but it does help to boost your standing in theReddit world. So be proud of your Reddit karma.

My Self-Tested Top 7 Hacks to Increase RedditKarma

Benefits of high Reddit Karma:

  • Reddit karma is displayed publicly. This means that everyone whowants to know how much karma a user has accumulated, can readilyfind this out. So redditors do take pride in their karma, and karmais often associated with respect on reddit.

  • Reddit is the 10th most visited website in theU.S. and 29th in the world. So, it’s a highlyactive community and is one of the best sources of viral trafficfor any business, also If you’re a blogger or content creator,Reddit can be a great way to drive traffic to your platform! Thus,With a positive karma reddit account, you will be able to createyour own subreddit, which will lead you to much more benefits.

  • Spamming is not allowed and almost impossible. Active moderatorsin each subreddit check their subreddit it’s new section every hourand that makes sure the spam gets obliterate. Also,subreddit moderators now have bots that help them toprevent against spammers.

  • The community system is another double-edged sword. This helpsin keeping the answers answers focused and helps people who areinterested in the same topics, get together, discuss, and interactwith each other.

  • Reddit community has a huge quantity and quality as well.

  • Anyone can create a subreddit who has decent karmapoints, and with the right strategy, you can easily builda network with an idea.

  • The higher your karma, the higher your post will be ranked.That’s what you want, because if it is lower on the ladder thennobody will vote it, it will get lost among thousands of post.

  • You can keep an eye on market trends and what the users areafter, by checking out their posts. Also, you can ask them toprovide feedback on your service or product inside one of thebusiness subreddits which will, again, help you.

  • People use Reddit for research; whether it’s for anarticle, eBook or to understand a client’s market. Also,Reddit community is a goldmine for finding people’s pain points,the language they use, and what they consider helpful. So when youare out of new content ideas, dig into Reddit.

  • One can use Reddit to connect with folks in that community whomthey cannot find on Facebook or other social media websites. Youwill find that the folks on Reddit often have and share differentperspectives and opinions.

  • People have genuine conversations and engagement here. It’s agreat platform to discover what is resonating with people in thevirtual world. Karma is a good indication.

Types of Karma:

  • There are two types of Karma; one is Link and other is Comment.They have literal meaning.

  • You get link karma for linksubmission, and you get comment karma forcomments posted in a thread. It is that simple.

  • Now, if post is Text-only, it is called a “selfpost” and it will too get karma. Before it Redditdoes not used to give any karma for it no matter how many peopleupvote it.

Another thing to know here is called “votefuzzing.” You may sometimes look at your posts, andnotice that the karma score on them goes up or down by a few pointsconstantly whenever you look at them; this is because redditautomatically camouflages the score.

They do that to fool people using vote bots to game the system.However, actual score is always kept track of, and you always getthe actual score on your karma totals, but it might not look thesame from the individual posts

Let us look at how it iscalculated:

It’s a complex algorithm which includes many factors that onlythe admins/developers know and it is unknown to end-users, andthey’re not sharing for obvious reason.

This isn’t known, except that there is somerelationship between the two numbers. It’s one of those tradesecrets, reddit keeps to make things harder for scammers,spammers and account sellers.

The spammers are always there to guess what algorithm Reddit isfollowing but Reddit is smart enough to manipulate it’s ownalgorithm but give the correct karma while keeping it protectedfrom black collar people.

How To Increase RedditKarma?​

  • If you post the right link in the right subreddit and at theright time, you will end up earning a lot of karma points but ifyou miss that perfect window, you may fail. However there is nomagic pill to get karma, one has to earn it with his skills.

  • Every account has 1 link karma and 0 comment karma by default,when created.

Now how do you turn those binary numbers intomillion?

My Self-Tested Top 7 Hacks to Increase RedditKarma

  • Visit large subreddits with more than a millionsubscribers: They might be sort by either top of thehour, rising, or new, just leave a comment on those threads. Thiswill ensure that your comment won’t be buried under those that gotthere before you.

  • Commenting on new posts: This is oneof the easiest ways to give your comments visibility; when you area newbie on Reddit. This method will not help you to get heaps ofkarma at once but it will be enough to build up your karma scoreover the period of time when your are establishing yourself as adedicated user.

  • Avoid posting negative or poor qualityposts: Make sure your links or comments add somevalue to the Reddit community. If your links or comments falloutside of reddiquette, which is Reddit’s commonlyaccepted posting rules, you are sure to get downvotes. Same goesfor comments, it is okay to criticize as long as it is presented ina civil manner.

  • Upvote worthy content: If you upvote10 posts, you get 10 karma points as long as they are all differentposts.

  • Adding spoiler tag: Always add aspoiler tag before posts that discuss movies, books or any othermedia that might spoil the plot for another reddit user.

  • Verify before posting: Duplicatecontent is a big no-no on Reddit, avoid it! If in case you want topost the same comment, do use double quotes otherwise if someonefinds that it is copied, you will be hating those downvotes.

  • Don’t be in a hurry: Do not hurry to post thecontent. Research it well before posting. It is better to be alurker for some time researching well about the topic. It will helpyou to get the better idea about the topic.

  • Take help from people who are good in redditmarketing: This is one of the fastest way to get karmareddit. Find experts in marketing field and just give them yourcomment or the post that you want to gain popularity on reddit, youdon’t have to give them your credentials. Once promoted, yourcontent is going to reach out to a huge number of people who, inturn, might upvote it which will enhance your karma score.

  • Take help from Reddit itself: If onehas a big budget, Reddit itself will promote your content to reacha new heights.

  • Earn it yourself: To earn it yourselfyou need to be the first one to break the news which people aregoing to develop interest into. For this you need to be subscribedto various newsletter like Google news or searching them throughsocial medias.

  • Sharing links of newly released tv shows or movietrailer: Being first to share any content is a bigplus. You can share the links of newly released TV shows or evenmovie trailer or you can even share relevant trailer in non-mediasubreddit.

  • Post pictures and videos: You canrepost once viral pictures or videos to draw the attention of newRedditors or can even grab attention of the users who might haveforgotten about their own favourites.

  • Posting in the following subreddits will too increase yourkarma:

  1. /r/Cats : Post a picture of a cute cat.

  2. /r/Science : Post a link to a new scientificstudy.

  3. /r/TodayILearned : Post a link to interestingpiece of trivia.

  4. /r/Memes : Post a clever, funny and originalmeme.

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