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  • 1 Reason for no connection in Dead By Daylight
  • 2 What to do if there is no connection to online services
  • 3 Cause of Error – DirectX
  • 4 Run the game Dead By Daylight in compatibility mode
  • 5 Updating graphics card drivers

Reason for no connection in Dead By Daylight

The problem with starting the game can occur in different cases. The reason may be both the user’s computer and gaming game server. Sometimes the error “No connection to online services” can be fixed by restarting the Steam client. But in some cases you still need to reinstall the client along with the game. Were cases when players in many countries were unable to enter the game. Game developers set it up within a few hours and brought apologies, explaining everything with a technical malfunction.

What to do if there is no connection to online services

Periodically, with a long wait for a match, problems with by connecting.

  1. In this case, you need to go into the Steam client, open the folder Downloads and find Downloads Region.
  2. Next, select the region in which the maximum number players – usually this region of Europe. This solves the problem due to algorithms for finding players and creating a match.

If a low-visited region is used, then the program determines that it will not work to create a match and proceeds to other, more vibrant regions.

If the location does not have enough users, then you can also observe an error – cannot connect to online services Dead By Daylight and the search can not only drag on for a long time time, but generally do not give results. Choosing a region is necessary remember the time zone difference between countries and continents.

Cause of Error – DirectX

Dead By Daylight requires a powerful computer graphics card that must support DirectX 11. Otherwise, the user will experience problems with the game. For check options and a review of the availability of technology can take advantage special utility GPU-Z. DirectX component support is possible look through the system.

  1. To do this, open a command prompt (WIN + R) and enter the phrase “dxdiag”.
  2. In the first tab, pay attention to the last line “Version DirectX “.
  3. It will indicate the current version of the component, which installed on your computer.

Determining the version of DirectX

Determining DirectX Version

DirectX is installed with the operating system. system. For example, when you install Windows 10, it includes DirectX 12 component. In this composition all previous ones component version. But if your video card does not support 12, then the version that can work with video adapter – 11, 10 or 9. Thus, it makes no sense to look for its adapter is a later version of DirectX. Need to search more powerful and new graphics card.

Run the game Dead By Daylight in compatibility mode.

After the release of the Windows 8 operating system for errors and problems not only distressed users indicated with the computer, but developers themselves. Many games and applications in this system are simply refused to work, many errors appeared in different situations. After these events, they immediately took up the development (or add-on) newer version of Windows 8.1. Thus game developers recommend not running their games on a problematic OS. The developers of Dead By Daylight refused to support her at all.

If you have installed this particular system, but reinstall you don’t want to another, try to start the game in mode compatibility. To do this is quite simple:

  1. open the folder with the installed game;
  2. find the game launch file – DeadByDaylight.exe, click on it right click;
  3. Find and select the “Compatibility” section;
  4. select the checkbox on the “Run in mode compatibility “;
  5. Choose a different operating system (preferably Windows 7).

    Activating compatibility mode on Windows

    Activating compatibility mode on Windows

Update graphics card drivers

The problem “No connection to online services” with the game may arise due to an outdated version of the video adapter drivers or their absence. If you have a software CD software that was bundled with the device, it is necessary insert it into the computer drive and install. In the process no nothing complicated, you just need to click the “install” button in the window that appears when starting the disk. If there is no disk, you need a driver download from the website of the developer of the video card. You can trust it system.

  1. Open Device Manager on your computer. It can be found in search by clicking the “Start” button.
  2. Find the line “Video adapters” in the list of devices and select the name of your video card with the right mouse button.

    Updating Video Card Drivers

    Update graphics card drivers

  3. Click the first item in the “Install drivers” context menu, then select “Automatic search and installation” and wait completion of the process.

Then restart the system and try to connect to the game Dead By Daylight. Error when it is impossible to connect to online services should disappear.

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