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  • 1 What is a Family Library
  • 2 What it means “Not available for the Google Family Library Play ”
  • 3 How to fix a family library bug on Google Play
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What is a Family Library?

Let me remind the reader that in the summer of 2016, Google introduced a number of changes to the functionality of Google Play. One such innovation the appearance of the “Family Library” function Library), which allows the user to share for free content purchased in the Google Play store with other users (up to 5 people).

Thus, after purchasing an application, you can completely free to provide access to his family (friends) for you to people. In payment methods you can choose one credit card for these five people, and share the mentioned card to purchase digital products in the Play Market.

Family Library on the Play Market

What does “Not available for the Google Family Library Play ”

But sometimes there are situations when when you try to buy any content in the Play Store the user receives a message “Not available for the Google Play Family Library.” Usually this means the situation when the card used by the user not available for payment in the mentioned digital store for the following reasons:

  • The parental control function is activated, as a result of which direct payments on this card are blocked for persons who have not reached 18 years;
  • The name and surname of the card user are indicated in Cyrillic characters instead of Latin;
  • Your bank has blocked the ability to make online payments on this card;
  • Your card details are outdated;
  • The Google Play Market application itself does not work correctly [decision].

    Error on Google Play

    Error on Google Play

How to fix a family library bug on Google Play

To resolve “Unavailable for the Google Family Library Play “, first of all, make sure that you are 18 years old and pay by Your card is not protected by the parental control feature. If you you have full legal capacity, but an error still arises, do the following:

  1. When making a purchase of paid content on the Play Market use latin characters especially this concerns the name and surname of the card user, which are necessary Latin letters;
  2. Try changing your payment method (if opportunities). Go to Play Market – Settings – Account – Payment Methods – Other payment settings. Click on again settings, and again select “Payment Methods” – “Add Methods payment “;

    Use other payment methods

    Use other payment methods.

  3. Check your card for relevance (your card details may be outdated);
  4. Delete and then add your method again payment;
  5. Contact the issuing bank that issued your card and find out have you been blocked from committing online card payments (or check in your Internet banking, the ability to activate this function);
  6. Clear your Play app’s cache Market. “Go to your gadget’s settings, then go to “Applications” – “Everything”, find there “Play Market” and, tapping on it, Log in to the settings for this application. Press on “Stop” and then on “Clear cache”;

    Clear Google Play Market App Cache

    Clear Google Play Market App Cache

  7. Contact Google Support for help.


Solving the Access Problem for the Google Family Library Play will use Latin characters when specifying card details, as well as checking the possibility of making it using online payments. I also recommend trying the change. payment methods and clearing the cache of the Google Play application – these methods have proven effective in many cases.

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