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What does “Outbound in sorting center” mean in Aliexpress?

Translated from English, the phrase Outbound in sorting center translates to “left the sorting center center. “Typically means a situation in which the arrivals in the sorting center, the package was sorted, left sorting center, and went to the destination country (usually in country where the buyer lives).

Standard view of the sorting center

Standard view of the sorting center

In the sorting center, packages are distributed according to final destination, delivery method and selected carrier. The presence of the parcel here is no more than a day, but There are situations when the goods hang in the sorting center on several days, or even more. In this case, you need to notify this seller of goods, and if the situation does not change – open dispute.

Obtaining “Outbound in sorting center” status by the product compiled with the exact time and date of receipt of status. Some time after leaving the sorting center, the goods receives other relevant statuses from “To Airport” (“On the way to airport “) to” Under export process in China ” from China “).


The status “Outbound in sorting center” is compiled with the exact time. and the date it was received

Other similar statuses when tracking goods

After we have parsed the translation Outbound in sorting center, consider also the statuses adjacent to it.

  • “In transit towards” – on the way to the destination;
  • “Item being sent to Logistics Center” – the package was sent to the Logistic Center;
  • “Item departed to final destination” – the package went to final destination;
  • “Item despatched to transshipment hub” – the package went to cargo transshipment unit (the place where cargo is shipped from one transport to another);
  • “Leave the transit coutry” – left the transit country;
  • “Leaving the operating point” – leaves the operating room point;
  • “Left the place of international exchange” – left the place international exchange (transfer point)
  • “Package finished” – the package is ready;
  • “Package sent” – the package is sent;
  • “Parcel left the transit point” – the parcel left the transit point;
  • “Prepare dispatch to destination country” – preparing for Departure to the target country.

Also on our website the following statuses are analyzed in detail: read about which you can by clicking on the appropriate link:

  • Arrived at destination country;
  • Hand over to airline;
  • Security check success;
  • Received by line-haul;
  • Arrived at the destination postal office.

    Tracking the delivery of packages on AliExpress

    Track delivery of packages on AliExpress


Outbound in sorting center status is received by the package that left sorting center, and set off along the links of the logistics chain, leading to the buyer. Usually after some time the package acquires a different status (correlating with loading on vehicles). If your package has the status “Outbound in sorting center” for a long time (more than two weeks), it is necessary to notify this seller, and if the situation does not change in a month or more – open a dispute and return your funds.

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