PBot what kind of program


What is this pBot program?

The pBot app is an entertainment program with which you can to chat. According to the developer of this software, pBot is built in compliance with modern standards in the field of artificial intelligence.

Communication in pBot

Communication in pBot

In the program window, you can ask questions and receive answers. Sometimes the application responds normally, and in other cases – out of place. However, there is no practical benefit from pBot. what This is pBot, we have analyzed, now we will analyze the removal of the program.

How to remove pBot from the computer completely

Although this pBot application is not malicious software (although some may initially may to think differently), its presence on the computer is undesirable. Despite the fact that in most cases she doesn’t manifests, sometimes it can cause problems. So on the forums people complain that during the game due to the corresponding application the game is minimized. In addition, it is likely that together a modified version was installed with the FreeWare application a program in which malicious code is present, for example, collecting personal information about the user.

To remove the pBot program, you need to run a series non-standard manipulations. In particular, you will need to do following:

  1. To restart a computer;
  2. After the boot startup screen, but until the screen appears Windows boot press F8;
  3. Upon completion of this action, a list appears in which you need select “Download in safe mode”;
  4. Having booted up and hitting the desktop, you will need to open task manager and check if there is a pbot.exe process (if eat, then complete it);
  5. Open “Control Panel” – “Uninstall Programs”;
  6. Find pBot in the list and delete it.

AdwCleaner antispyware software

AdwCleaner antispyware software

Despite the fact that after appropriate actions the program should be removed, it may occur on the PC again. To You will need to prevent this:

  1. Install the AdwCleaner application;
  2. Scan your computer using this utility;
  3. If threats are found, then allow the program to delete.

It is then recommended that you clean the registry with CCleaner. it done as follows:

  1. If CCleaner is not installed, but you will need to download and install it;
  2. Launch the application and go to the “Registry” tab;
  3. Click on “Search for problems”;
  4. When the scan is completed, click on “Fix …”;
  5. Agree with everything the program offers;
  6. Then it will remain to restart the computer.

Cleaning the registry with CCleaner

Cleaning the registry with CCleaner

To prevent similar situations in the future, during installation freeware be sure to check which components it installs. To do this, examine each installer screen for a fact the presence of any special items or suspicious checkboxes in it with checkmarks. I think we figured out what pBot is. and what to do with it.

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