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Pokemon GO is a game in which you can catch Pokemon in real life using a smartphone. Explore the streets. of your city in search of Pokemon and PokeStop – locations where you can get extra items. Found Pokemon can be caught with a simple swipe gesture, launching a pokeball into it.

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After reaching level 5, which can be filled with Pokemon fishing and collecting items, the player opens the training halls PokeGym. In them you can train your Pokemon and arrange fights between animals. The Pokémon who will defeat everyone in PokeGym will lead this training room and color it in the colors of his team. By the way, in Pokemon Go can be played for one of three teams: blue, red and yellow. Each Pokemon can be pumped, causing evolution.

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You can no longer wait for Pokemon GO to be released in Russia, date No release has been announced, but you can download Pokemon and play now. Russian is not yet supported.

Common Pokemon GO Errors and Problems:

  • It drains the battery quickly: you need to activate the item “Battery Saver” in the game settings. Also turn off AR mode during Pokemon fishing time. You should also reduce the brightness of the screen or set automatic adjustment.
  • When the camera is turned on, but the Pokemon itself is not appears. Most likely, your smartphone does not have a gyroscope. You need to turn off the AR mode while fishing.
  • Failed to detect location: go to Settings → Developer Tools Here you need to find the item “Use dummy locations. “You must disable it.
  • Caught a Pokemon, but the game freezes: you need to wait 10 seconds. After that, click on all the points on the screen. Restart Pokemon Go – Pokemon should stay in the backpack.
  • How to play Pokemon GO in Crimea: you can use Psiphon application, or any other VPN program, or IP spoofing. You can also get a SIM-card MTS Krasnodar region. She has a mainland IP.
  • How to play with 512 MB of RAM: root access is required and Gltools program, in which you need to reduce the quality of textures to 0.25x.
  • “Our Servers Are Humbled By Your Incredible Response”: game servers are either overloaded or work is being done on them. Wait a few hours and try logging in again.

Version History:

  • Update 0.29.2 adds support for Android preview versions 7.0 Also now runs on Intel x86 processors (ASUS ZenFone and others).
  • Update 0.29.3 brought “minor changes to the text.”
  • Update 0.31: radar removed, added a more convenient menu for exchange pokemon for sweets, animations and fighting changed characteristics of many Pokemon, many errors fixed.


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