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Background of the domain pp.userapi.com

Ten years ago, in 2008, the founder of VKontakte Pavel Durov announced the opening of the “User API” project. The latter was himself service designed for quick (in just a few minutes) creating a social network based on VKontakte in various countries of the world.

Anyone could create an analogue of “VK” in Asia, Africa or Western Europe, having full control over the established social network, its appearance, functions and content. Network automatically received a lot of content from VK – data users, their photos, videos and other necessary information. The work of such created networks was supposed to be served by a domain userapi.com.

Launch of the project

Launch of the “User API” project by Pavel Durov

It was proposed to divide the proceeds from the created social network almost equally – 60% received the creator of the social network, 40% – UserAPI service.

After this statement, VK received many applications from users to open a social network in their countries. But in further the project did not receive powerful development, and in 2014 Durov sold its stake in Mail.Ru Group. Further, in more detail about what kind of domain is pp.userapi.com.

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Going to userapi.com

Having acquired in 2014 in full ownership “VK” holding “Mail.Ru Group “also received the userapi.com domain previously used in VK for the development of the project “User API” and storage of data “VK”. And all would continue as before, if not for the suspension domain registrar “GoDaddy” of one of the system domains VKontakte February 27, 2017. Access to VK users to many of their photos were blocked, and in front of new the owners have a question about changing the current domain.

In “Mail.Ru” made the appropriate conclusions, partially translating Vkontakte work (in particular, the database of images) to another domain, which was the userapi.com I was considering.

There is a version of that

There is a version that Vkontakte simply forgot to pay on time previous domain operation

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What is pp.userapi.com?

As follows from the above, now the domain (pp.) Userapi.com is a Vkontakte service database on which many files are located (in particular, most images users). For example, when a user tries to get a link on the photo in Vkontakte, in the body of the link there will be a link to userapi.com domain.

For example, the link in the photo of Pavel Durov in VK looks like this:


In this case, the transition of the user to userapi.com itself is usually nothing does not, since this domain is used purely for business VK tasks.


Having examined above what this site is pp.userapi.com, we found out that userapi.com domain is used by the VK administration for various work tasks. In particular, the image database is stored there, as well as auxiliary file toolkit providing daily work VK. The stability of this domain shows good results, because “Mail.Ru Group” will be use it with the further development of the functionality of the popular social network “VKontakte”.

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