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  • 1 Shipping Features on AliExpress
  • 2 Translation into Russian “Processing, arrived at the place of delivery ”
  • 3 Other common statuses
  • 4 Video decoding of statuses

Shipping Features on AliExpress

As you know, the template works with the famous Chinese trading the AliPress platform is built on the following principle: you order goods on AliExpress, pay for it (sometimes including the cost delivery), the seller packs the goods and sends you mail. IN confirmation of sending you receive a special “tracking number”, by which you can track the location of your parcel on the territory of China, and in Russia.

On the way to the buyer, the product goes through a series of transit steps, including movement through postal centers, customs control and etc. Each such step has a corresponding postal the status by which the buyer tracks the location of the goods. Usually this status is presented in English, therefore users who do not speak the Shakespeare language may have problems with identification of the current status of their product.

Buying on AliExpress

Buy on AliExpress

Translation in Russian “Processing, arrived at the place of delivery ”

So what does the inscription “Processing, arrived at the place of delivery “? Translated from English, this status sounds like “Parcel arrived at destination.” Usually this indicates the situation when the purchased goods arrived in the city buyer’s residence, and will be available soon enough receipt. Processing, Left the place of international exchange.

Other common statuses

What are the common postal delivery statuses for AliExpress can we meet? I would recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Order has been canceled – the order is canceled;
  • Posting – mailing;
  • Arrival at Sorting Center – package arrived at sorting center;
  • Receive item at office of exchange – package Arrived at the customs office of the country of departure;
  • Arrive at destination country – package arrived in the country of destination;
  • Arrive at customs – the package arrived at Customs
  • Item released from customs – package left Customs
  • Arrived at local post office – package arrived to the local post office (usually at the destination);
  • The consignment is being delivered – package issued for delivery;
  • Delivered – the package has been delivered.

Order statuses on AliExpress

AliExpress Order Statuses

Video decoding of statuses

Translated into Russian “Processing, arrived at the place of delivery “means the arrival of the purchased goods in the village point where the buyer lives. Having received such a status, the goods will be with you pretty soon, so you just need to pick up patience and wait a bit.

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