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As you know, the process of delivering goods to the user begins after his order and the corresponding payment for the goods through the site AliExpress. After processing your order, packing it and sending it by the seller you get a “tracking number” to track your parcels (first via China Mail, and then, after the parcel is received to Russia, through the relevant Russian sites).

There is a huge the number of English-speaking statuses associated with sending and receiving goods, customs clearance and various transit points. For understanding their specifics requires not only knowing English, but also approximately represent the specifics of the logistics chain, along which the goods purchased by the user are moving.

Buying from AliExpress

Buy from AliExpress

“Processing, Left the place of international exchange” – what it means

Translation of “” Processing, Left the place of international exchange ” Sounds like “Sending on the way, the goods left the place international exchange. “This usually means a situation when the goods arrived in Russia on a special intermediate international point (transit postal or customs office), from where later it will go to one of the Russian cities (depending from the place of residence of the customer). I was previously described status Processing, arrived at the place of delivery.


The path of the goods to the destination takes quite a long time. time

Other AliExpress Statuses

Other common statuses include the following:

  • The item is pre-advised – seller ordered for parcels track number, but have not yet sent the parcel by mail;
  • Arrived at the territory of the Russian Federation – the parcel arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation Federation
  • The item has arrived in the country of destination – the parcel arrived in the destination country;
  • Reception at custom house – receiving a parcel at Customs
  • Arrived at the sorting center – package Arrived at the sorting center;
  • Arrived at the place of delivery – package arrived at destination.

Order statuses on AliExpress

AliExpress Order Statuses


If you’re interested in what Processing, Left the place of international exchange “, in this case I just recommend be patient and wait, because one of your items has left transit international transshipment points, and after some time will arrive at destination.

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