Re2.exe – Fatal application error in Resident evil 2 remake


The content of the article:

  • 1 Factors of occurrence of the problem
  • 2 Check your PC for system requirements
  • 3 Update the drivers for your video card
  • 4 Install the required updates for your Windows to to fix a fatal error in Resident Evil 2 remake
  • 5 Temporarily disable PC antivirus
  • 6 Set the priority of the game to “high”
  • 7 Conclusion

Problem Factors

The most commonly reported error appears in one of game episodes (upon arrival of a helicopter) when the game is suddenly The following message crashes and appears:

re2.exe – Fatal Application Exit

Re2.exe error

The cause of the dysfunction is the following:

  • User PC mismatch to minimum requirements games;
  • There are no fresh drivers for the user’s computer video cards;
  • Your system does not have fresh updates for Windows OS (This is especially true for the update KB2670838 for Windows 7);
  • PC Anti-Virus blocks the correct operation of RE2 Remake

Let’s figure out how to fix a fatal application error re2.exe in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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Check your PC for system requirements

First of all, we recommend that you make sure that your system Complies with stated system requirements. They are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit exclusively)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX-6300 or it’s better;
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2GB of memory;
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Free space on the hard drive: about 20 GB.

Make sure your system meets these requirements. upgrade it if necessary.

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Update drivers for your video card

Get rid of fatal application error in Resident Evil 2 remake is possible by installing fresh drivers for your video cards. Go to the website of the manufacturer of your card, and download from there the actual drivers:

Nvidia drivers

AMD Drivers

Semi-automatic programs may also help. DriverPack Solution level. The latter will check the system for availability fresh drivers, and if necessary, install them yourself on your PC.

Driver Pak Solution

Use semi-automatic programs to install fresh drivers

Install the required updates for your Windows to fix fatal error in Resident Evil 2 remake

It is quite important to install all the necessary updates for your OS. This is especially true for Windows 7 (64-bit), for which update KB2670838 is required for comfortable RE2 operation Remake. If you are the owner of this OS, go to link, click on “Download”, download and run the file “Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu”. Install updates to the system, restart the PC, and then start the game itself.

We also recommend restarting the Windows OS update service. To do this, click on Win + R, enter in the appeared field services.msc and press Enter. In the list of services, find “Update Center Windows. “Double-click on it, and set the type of launch e to “Automatically”. Restart the service.

Temporarily disable PC antivirus

We also recommend temporarily deactivating your antivirus in order to make sure that it does not block the game with individual files. If the game starts without problems, make it an exception. antivirus.

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Set the priority of the game to “high”

Installation can help to avoid re2.exe error in RE2 Remake priority of the game in the “Task Manager” to “high”. For this do the following:

  • Launch the game Resident Evil 2 Remake;
  • Press Alt + Tab to minimize the game;
  • Launch Task Manager (click on Win + R, enter in the field taskmgr and press Enter);
  • In the Task Manager that opens, select the tab “Details”;
  • Find RE2.exe there;
  • Hover over it, right-click, select the option “Set priority”, where and set the value “Tall”;
  • Launch the game.


Error Message “re2.exe – Fatal Error” applications “in the game Resident Evil 2 remake usually signals the absence in the system of fresh drivers for the video card and (or) required updates for Windows 7. We recommend that you complete all the tips we listed, this will help fix the fatal RE 2 Remake error on your PC.

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