Register WhatsApp in Russian is free


Registering WhatsApp is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. The first thing to do is download WhatsApp app on your device. After installing the application run it, and go to the program menu.

whatsapp sign up

Become one of the users of this application right now. This is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

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Whatsapp registration on the phone

To register, select the window we need. After that we go through some simple registration steps and you can use application in a few minutes. To many WhatsApp users I liked the fact that during registration you do not need to invent a password, and enter it every time when you start the application.

  1. The first thing to do is accept the license agreement, click on the “Accept and continue” button without accepting it. You will not continue registration. Then you need to specify your data and country where do you live After enter your phone number. whatsapp create new page Phone number you enter only once, during registration, he is the login. Every time not you need to enter it when you start the application. It is very simple and conveniently, there are no invented difficult logins and passwords
  2. Then you will receive an activation code on your phone. This code is required enter in the appropriate box in order to activate utility. The code takes about ten seconds. Read also how Confirm WhatsApp phone number for free. whatsapp sign up for free
  3. It happens that the code can go up to 5 minutes. You should wait in such case. No need to rush and try to speed up the verification time. It’s better do not touch anything, but just wait until the code appears in your kind of message. At the end of the check in the text box you will see page where you need to enter the received code. Number confirmation completed and you can proceed to the next step of the download applications.

Indicate your initials in the appropriate window. Then go to page indicating that you can use the application during a year. Moreover, this year you will work with him for free. how to register at whatsapp Installation process and registering a WhatsApp application is very easy. If you did everything true, as written in this article, then Welcome to one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

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