Download WhatsApp for PC for free


Now, to use the WhatsApp messenger on your computer, No need to go through complex instructions and download third-party programs. Just follow some simple steps described in this article.

WhatsApp takes one of the first places among the most popular communication programs. From the first day of its existence, she made a splash. Bright, convenient and interesting interface The program shades all competitors into the background. Users infinitely grateful that the program can be installed as on the phone and on the computer. And everything is absolutely free. For installation you only need to download the program and follow elementary instructions.

Download WhatsApp to your computer for free

Download WhatsApp for Windows 8.10 from the official site

In today’s world it is impossible to live without virtual communication. WhatsApp on PC will make easy and easy for you accessible communication. To use the program you just need to connect to the Internet and gain courage to take the first step in communication. So it is also necessary to have a mobile phone, because after installation program his number will be used as login. You only make up a password and start working with the program.

DownloadWhatsApp from the official site.

WhatsApp for computer – how to work with it?

If you are already a happy owner of the WhatsApp program on your mobile device, then we need to warn you about the fact that this program can be used with only one account. That is, if you go to the menu from a PC, then access from The phone may be locked.

download whatsapp for computer

Features of WhatsApp on the computer:

  • Bright and easy to use;
  • Easy and convenient text messaging;
  • Availability of data about your contacts;
  • Personal status;
  • The ability to change personal data;
  • Ability to save new contacts and delete unnecessary;
  • Exchange of audio, video files;
  • Image sharing;
  • Positioning and ability to demonstrate it to the interlocutor.

download vatsap for windows 10

All WhatsApp users have already evaluated the features of the program, its convenience, bright and intuitive interface. UseWhatsApp on PC is simple and convenient. Naturally, for communication it is necessary that Your interlocutor also used this program. But the program acquired an immense number of users since 2009 of the year.

An interesting fact is that the text of the correspondence is available even without Internet access, that is, you can re-read what you need information at any time. Absolutely all your correspondence will be will remain until you delete them yourself. At If necessary, you can send any correspondence by mail.

The advantages of the program can naturally be attributed to the fact that immediately after installation, the program requests access to your contacts and automatically makes all your friends who have WhatsApp to your friends list. And you can immediately communicate freely and correspond with your friends.

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Negative points

  • There may be minor problems sending audio video Records
  • There is no synchronization of contacts that are not associated with google
  • You cannot use the program on several devices.

whatsap for windows 10 download

In general, the picture is good, the applications are bright, convenient, a lot of fans. WhatsApp has already passed the path of overcoming competitors and took a firm and steady position among users. The program is used in all corners of the world (in which naturally have the Internet). A big step forward for The program became what it appeared on the PC. Now you can easily and just download the app online for free and get started right away communication.

Whatsapp download for windows free

how to install whatsapp for computer

To download WhatsApp for computer easily and quickly follow the instructions below (or download special application from the link above):

  1. Download the BlueStacks app on your computer and install his.
  2. Use the BlueStacks search tool to find Whatsapp app.
  3. Once you have found the application, download and install his.

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