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  • 1 What is the “Inbound in sorting center ” ?
  • 2 Features of the status display “Inbound in sorting center ”
  • 3 Other mail statuses at this stage
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What is the “Inbound in sorting center”?

Translated from English, this mail status sounds like “arrived at the sorting center.” And usually means the situation when your package arrived at the sorting a center where all packages are sorted according to their value, volumes, carrier, country of destination and other relevant factors.

The sorting center in China looks something like this.

The sorting center in China looks something like this

The package may be there for several days (depending on load on a specific sorting center). Therefore it is not necessary worry if no change occurs in a couple of days The mail status of your item.

When the necessary operations with your mail package will be completed, then it will be handed over to the carrier for delivery, and Your package status will change to “Outbound in sorting center” (left the sorting center).

The parcel arrived at the sorting center, and then soon left it.

Parcel arrived at the sorting center, and then soon left his

Features of displaying the status “Inbound in sorting center”

After we found out what the translation into Russian status is “Inbound in sorting center”, now let’s deal with the specifics display this status. Usually the specified status is compiled exact date and time when it was received, and you can track it like on the AliExpress website (on the tracking page of your order). So on various network trackers, on which you can view not only the current status of the order, but also other parameters (for example, The location of your package on the map suggests viewing service

The service allows you to display the location and path of your package on the map.

The service allows you to display the location and the way your package is on the map

After the sorting center, goods, bypassing customs, are sent to destination country, but there are also situations when the package gets to the next sorting center, and from there it goes to the buyer’s country of residence.

Other mail statuses at this stage

In addition to the status I reviewed, there are also other statuses on this stage, which is worth talking about. In particular, these are:

  • “Arrival at Processing Center” – mail arrives at the center mail processing;
  • “Arrival at Sorting Center” – mail arrives at the sorting center center;
  • “Item arrived at sorting center in the destination country” – the package was delivered to the sorting center of the country of destination;
  • “Item received by Logistics Center” – package received Logistic Center;
  • “Parcel arrived at the Distribution Center” – the package arrived at distribution center (intermediate point of delivery);
  • “Parcel arrived at the regional hub” – the package arrived in regional hub (regional transit point);
  • “Parcel arrived to sorting center” – Parcel arrived at sorting center;
  • “Received at warehouse” – received at the warehouse;
  • “交接 成功” – successful transport.

    We study the status of tracking packages using tracking numbers

    We study the postal status of the delivered parcels


If your package has received the status “Inbound in sorting center”, it means that she arrived at the intermediate sorting center where all available mail is sorted according to various parameters, including the type of delivery, country destination, carrier and so on. Usually after a short time (maximum couple of days) the package leaves the sorting center (received the status is “Outbound in sorting center”), and sent to final destination.

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