SF eParcel – tracking in Russian postage departures


SF eParcel - One Way to Deliver Parcels to Russia

SF eParcel – one of the ways to deliver packages to Russia

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  • 1 Mail Delivery with SF Express
  • 2 What is SF eParcel
  • 3 “China Post Registered Air Mail” and “China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus “- what are the differences
  • 4 Conclusion

Mail delivery with SF Express

As you know, there are several postal and transport companies delivering parcels on the territory of China and abroad. Along with state mail China (“China Post”), the company has the strongest position “SFExpress” (顺丰 速 运), characterized by the highest quality work and expedited delivery times. Currently working in the company about 350 thousand people, the company has about 10,500 branches in China itself, and more than 260 branches in the near and far abroad.

Recently, SF Express (SF eParcel) entered the Russian market, by regularly delivering goods from China to Russia and back. Most often sellers use SF Express services products working with a virtual online trading platform “AliExpress”, because Russian buyers on “Ali” will be face the work of “SF Express” on an ongoing basis.

What is SF eParcel?

The company “SF Express” offers its customers a variety of delivery methods varying both in price and in terms of time delivery.

One such option is SF eParcel, a popular “AliExpress” shipping method applied to small on the invoice of orders (clothes of small and medium sizes, covers for mobile phones, jewelry, etc.).

Selecting an SF eParcel Delivery Option Usually Gets Your parcel within 30 to 45 days after receiving order.

  1. Using the SF eParcel delivery method also allows track the location of your parcel using the site company “SF Express”.
  2. Go to the site itself, select the option “Tracking postal items “;
  3. In the special line enter the tracking number of your order, and click on the “Find” button;
  4. So on the AliExpress resource itself, in the “My Orders” section, on page of the product you ordered (open the list of implemented your orders, and then click on the “Check tracking “).

Also good tracking results for SF eParcel packages provides the site gdeposylka.ru.

A delivery method is used to deliver this item.

For delivery of this product, a delivery method is used. SF-eParcel

China Post Registered Air Mail and China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus “- what are the differences

After we figured out what SF eParcel is, move on to the question of what is China Post Registered Air Mail and China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus.

As I mentioned above, leading positions in China’s postal market Takes the China National Post Service. One of popular shipping methods offered by this company are China Post Registered Air Mail and China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. ”

An analogue of tracking mail in Russian SF eParcel is China Post Registered Air Mail “(translated -” Chinese registered airmail “) usually involves delivering mail using air transportation. In most cases, such packages can track using tracking services, and after the parcel gets into Russia, it can be tracked on the official page of “Russian Post”. Delivery time using this method is usually 30-60 days.

Shipping Method “China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus “(translated -” Chinese ordinary delivery of small packages plus “) suggests an inexpensive form of delivery of small packages whose logistics is sometimes quite difficult track (sometimes the track.yw56 service can help with this). Term Delivery using this method is 30-45 days.

Delivery method

Shipping Method “China Post Registered Air Mail” usually used when delivering goods by air


In this article I reviewed “SF eParcel” – this is one of popular methods of delivery of goods purchased on AliExpress, and also shipping methods are “China Post Registered Air Mail” and “China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus.” If you have other question on working with “AliExpress”, ask them in the comments to this material, and you will soon receive a detailed answer on the topic you are interested in.

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