Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent please try again later error in Fortnite what to do


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  • 2 How to fix an error in Fortnite
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Translation and the causes of the problem

In the translation, the text of the error message sounds like “Sorry, you visit our service too often, please try again later. “The appearance of this error is a protection tool. Fortnite servers from a DDOS attack during which the server too many concurrent requests are being sent to print server out of order. In the case of fixing a large number of such system refuses requests from a user IP address the user of this IP in the input, which is accompanied by the aforementioned above post.

The specified error appears as users, for a long time playing on such a server, and players who came there for the first time. Statistically, the problem is fixed for about six months, while the creators of “Fortnite” refuse official comments on her about.

Despite the DDOS nature of the error, “Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent please try again later “, by real factors its occurrence is as follows:

  • Fortnite servers do not work correctly;
  • Fortnite servers undergo technical work;
  • You have problems with the router;
  • You use a dynamic IP, and several from your IP people play on Fortnite servers;
  • There are problems with your browser;
  • You are using an outdated version of the game.

    The reason for the error is usually the failure of the game servers.

    The cause of the error is usually a malfunction in the gaming servers

How to fix Fortnite error

A set of tips to get rid of the error “Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent please try again later “in Fortnite is as follows:

  • Check Fortnite Servers for Technical Problems works on them. This can be done by going to the resource, where the presence of failures on the game’s servers is recorded, and by visiting Fortnite official twitter. View the indicated resources, and if they have notifications of problems, then just wait a while until the developers fix the identified Errors
  • Reboot your router. Turn off the router for a few seconds, then turn it back on. For some users it helped solve the error you are visiting our service too frequent in Fortnite
  • Check your PC for viruses. Tested will help Doctor Web Curette tools
  • Install the latest game updates (patches) for the game;

    Install all the latest updates in the system

    Install in the system all the latest updates

  • When using the browser for “Fortnite”, launch the browser in incognito mode. For example, in Google Chrome this mode It is launched using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N;
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. For example, in Mozilla it done by going to the “Settings”, selecting the tab “Privacy and protection “, and by clicking on” Clear Now “next to” Cached web content “;
  • Use an alternative browser. Some users change the browser to an alternative (for example, from Chrome to Mozilla or vice versa) allowed to fix the error visiting our service too frequent at Fortnite;

    Use a different navigator

    Use a different navigator

  • Change the IP address to statistical. If you use dynamic IP from the provider, it may make sense to get from provider for a small fee statistical dedicated IP, allowing you to comfortably play on Fortnite servers.


The appearance of the error considered in the article usually indicates temporary problems encountered on the servers of the game “Fortnite”. Go to the official page (or twitter) of the game, and make sure that the problem arose on the server, not on you. If the developers keep quiet, follow the other tips listed by me that allow solve the error visiting our service too frequent on your PC.

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