Taxcom received an SMS about a check on the phone that this is?


SMS Taxcom has arrived about the check what is it?

Since 2000, the company “Takscom” specializes in creating, implementation and maintenance of electronic document management systems, used for reporting to regulatory authorities and funds. According to statistics, it occupies more than 20% domestic market for processing checks and fiscal data. Since 2016 years, the company “Takskom” is in the register OFD – federal register of fiscal data operators of the Federal Tax Service.

Taxcom operator

“Taxcom” – one of the leading fiscal data operators in Of Russia

In accordance with federal law 54-FZ “On the application of cash registers when making settlements in the Russian Federation “using cash registers (CCP) the seller under an agreement with the operator of fiscal data (OFD) may send cash receipts to the buyer electronically.

Article of Law 41-FZ

54-FZ law

Law 54-FZ enacted new standards for CCV and CRF

Thus, the fiscal data operator (OFD) takes over delivery of an electronic check to the buyer using SMS message or email. Moreover, such a check provided only when the buyer previously provided Your seller’s phone number or email address.

Electronic check scheme

Scheme of sending electronic check

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Where did Takskom get your data?

You could leave them in the following places:

  • When filling out documents for a bonus card (permanent card customer, loyalty cards);

    Loyalty Card

    When filling out data on a loyalty card, you could leave your telephone and e-mail

  • With participation in various promotions, events, sales;
  • You dictated your phone number at the checkout to the cashier;

    Cashier data

    You dictated your data to the cashier

  • You used the services of online stores where you filled in your data;
  • You let me scan a QR code on your phone when you purchased;

    QR code smartphone

    You gave a scan of the QR code upon purchase

  • Fill out any banking documents, where they signed relevant agreement;
  • Enter your phone or e-mail at a special terminal.

What to do if SMS has arrived on the phone

After we figured out what kind of SMS about the check it came to the phone from Taxcom, we will also consider what to do upon receipt such a check. We answer – absolutely nothing. Send a check to the buyer – the contractual work of the fiscal operator data. Therefore, you can follow the link in SMS and familiarize yourself with the contents of the check.

Check Taxcom

One of such checks “Taxkom”

Otherwise, ignore such SMS and e-mail – they carry only notification character.

If you don’t want to receive such notifications, then We recommend contacting the seller and asking him to withdraw your phone number and e-mail from the cash program.

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Received a check from Taxcom but didn’t buy anything

If you have not previously made any purchases, then before just check your imaginary (or maybe not so) purchase on the service check checks “Taxkom”. Enter there the fiscal sign of the document and the amount of the calculation, then click on “Check receipt”.

Taxcom Cash Check Verification

Fill in the specified data

If you don’t know where the fiscal attribute of the document is located, look for him here.

Fiscal sign of the document

The fiscal attribute of the document can be found here.

If it turns out that you didn’t make such purchases, we recommend contact the technical support e-mail address: [email protected]. Contact technical support and clarify everything available data. There may have been a common mistake and the check sent to you will be canceled.

Technical Support

Contact the technical support of “Taxcom”


In our material, we made out what kind of SMS about the check came to you to a phone from a telecom operator of the Federal Tax Service Taxcom, and what to do when receipt. Since payment notification delivery is part OFD functions, we recommend that you ignore such messages. If you don’t want to receive them at all, contact the seller, and ask to delete your data from its database.

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