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The main difference between torrent trackers from other sites with programs that we, as users, are able to download files from high speed. This is exactly what resource is. Here there are links to almost all popular games and programs that distributed for a fee. Tracker formed in 2006 year and in a short period of time gained trust users.

Torrent Tracker

The website changed the domain zone in 2017 to Today it can be found at or This migration forced due to resource blocking. Since behind him intently observes Roskomnadzor. And in every possible way tries to interfere site activity. In this regard, users in the browser even the above addresses may not open.

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How to bypass site blocking

Other well-known resources have come under the civil service filter more than once. and trackers, for example, Fonbet, RuTracker, Leon. But what if we urgently need to access one or another blocked to a resource?


Roskomnadzor website

There are several quick ways to solve this problem. A universal way to bypass the lock is to use Anonymous Tor Browser. Its versatility is that you no need to install any programs or mess with extension settings to get to the torrent tracker.

Roskomnadzor has the right to block online resources only in Russian Internet. Users from other countries where not a resource is prohibited, may go to the pages unhindered. Taking advantage of Tor no one, including filters services will not know that your computer is in Russia.

Change user address

Change user address in Tor browser

Even if by chance the browser visits a proxy server in Russian territory, you can change it by pressing only one button on it panels.

Button to change location

Button for changing user location

Tor can be downloaded for free on the official website This is a normal browser with search and address bar. Enter the site address and go to him to download a quick torrent link. You can enter the old tracker address –

Tracker Tracker in Tor

In doing so, you automatically bypass the lock, and the browser takes you to the main page of the site. The torus can be used as the main browser and always be anonymous. Is in it slight flaw – some links may open slower than in Chrome or Yandex Browser.

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Browser extension for logging on to

If you love your favorite Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Yandex Browser, then you can, staying in it, bypass the ban of the torrent tracker using extensions. Chrome extension store suitable for Opera and Yandex Browser. Mozilla Firefox has its own market with extensions, which can be quickly found in the browser menu.

Section with extensions

Section with Extensions in the Firefox Menu

In the Chrome market, you can find yourself any extension in search string for “Bypass block”.

Search for extensions in the Chrome store

Search for extensions in the Chrome store to bypass the lock

To install the selected extension to log on to, нужно нажать на кнопку Install . Expansion fast enough installed, you will only need to confirm that you are giving consent to be placed in the browser.


Click on the Install button

The icon for managing the extension will be at the top browser panels. Click on it to quickly turn on or turn off the change of region. And also find out the current status of your computer on the network to go to the torrent tracker.

Browser extension icon

Extension icon on the Google Chrome browser bar

Why is the resource Fonbet blocked

Popular online betting office Fonbet sometimes disappears from its permanent address and becomes inaccessible, like The site was blocked by Roskomnadzor for illegal conduct business in the Russian Federation. Today the office is available in its own way. familiar address If you can not enter your personal account, maybe the problems are not in the site, but in your browser Delete the cache, history and cookies of the Fonbet website and try open again. Use extensions to change the IP address on the network and substitution of your location.

If it doesn’t work, use the Tor browser to do bypassing the blocking site that we used to quickly torrent tracker (download link is higher in article). Perhaps once again the bookmaker got under the filter and its primary address is unavailable. You can find out on the site public services in the news section.

String for checking site blocking

String to check the blocking of the site in Roskomnadzor

Or enter the address of the site you want to access in form on this page In it you can check any site that you can’t get to right now.

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