The disk or network resource on which referenced lnk shortcut


If you open a disk or resource through a shortcut, which, for example, taken to the desktop, the error “Drive is not available or The network resource referenced by the lnk shortcut “occurs in the result of the fact that the address specified in the label does not match the actual path.

To make it clearer, we give a specific example. User inserted a USB flash drive into the computer’s USB port and since it is often used this drive, I decided to take out his shortcut from “Computer” to Desktop. After that, he many times in the same port I inserted a USB flash drive and everything worked. However at some point habitual USB, for example, turned out to be busy, because of which I had to connect drive to another port, and this time the flash drive did not open through shortcut on the desktop, and instead an error window pops up.


Windows shortcuts

Cause of disk or network unavailability error The resource referenced by the lnk shortcut is that when the user connected the USB flash drive to the same port, then in the system has always been given a name, for example, “Disk G”, but since now it is inserted into another USB, it has been assigned another name.

In the case of a network drive, the reason is even simpler – server is unavailable. Yes, ping can go before it, but the possibility Connections – missing. Parameters may have been changed access or something else.

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  • 1 All shortcuts became the same with the lnk extension and stopped work
  • 2 All shortcuts began to have the extension .lnk, how to fix through registry

All shortcuts became the same with the lnk extension and stopped work

Lnk shortcut extension

Lnk shortcut extension

If an access error occurs, it is most likely associated with configuration of the equipment, then when all the icons, for example, on the desktop becomes the lnk extension, the problem is due to changing the configuration in the file association.

It can occur, for example, when a user tried open a shortcut in some program and when committed corresponding action in the default application selection menu checked the checkbox “use the program for all files of this type. “As a result, the shortcut files became associate with a selected application that cannot run programs by shortcut.

To return everything, how could I use the application Unassociate File Types.

  1. Download, install and open the program;
  2. In the search bar, enter .lnk;
  3. In the filtered list, select .lnk;
  4. Click on “Remove File Association”.

As a result of the actions specified for this type of file associations will be deleted. Now shortcuts will open as need, and the error “The disk or network resource on which refers to the lnk shortcut “will not appear.

All shortcuts began to have the extension .lnk, how to fix through registry


Windows registry

If you do not want to install a third-party application, you can Fix a problem with INK shortcuts through the registry. For this follow these steps:

  1. Press the key combination “CTRL + R”;
  2. Enter “regedit” and click “Ok”;
  3. Open the category “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT;
  4. In the list that appears, find .lnk and specify in the parameters the value of “lnkfile” (if there is something else there, then first you need delete the old value and only then enter and save new).

After that, the shortcuts will work again as needed.

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