The site may be using outdated or untrusted TLS security settings


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Unable to securely connect to this page – the bottom line Problems

As you know, the security of connecting users to network resources are provided through the use of SSL / TSL – cryptographic protocols responsible for secure transmission data on the Internet. They use symmetrical and asymmetric encryption, message authenticity codes and other special features to keep your privacy connectivity, preventing third party session decryption persons.

If, when connected to a site, the browser determines that incorrect protocol parameters are used on the resource SSL / TSL security, then the user receives the above message, and access to the site may be blocked.

Quite often, the situation with the TLS protocol occurs on the browser IE – a popular tool for working with special state portals associated with various forms of reporting. Work with the such portals requires the presence of an Internet browser Explorer, and it is on it that the problem in question arises especially often.

Causes of Error “Perhaps the site is using outdated or TLS “unreliable security settings may be by the following:

  • User antivirus blocks correct access to resource
  • The user has an outdated version of the crypto provider CryptoPro;
  • The user uses a VPN connection;
  • IE browser uses incorrect settings;
  • The BIOS option “SecureBoot”;
  • Connection to the resource is prevented by any virus malware.


    Outdated version of “CryptoPro” may be the cause dysfunctions

How to fix dysfunction: Unreliable parameters are used TLS Security

The solution to the problem may consist in the methods described below. But before describing them, I recommend just restarting your PC – with all the triviality, this method often turns out to be quite effective.

I recommend reading: Unable to establish a connection with site – what to do.

If he did not help, then do the following:

  • Temporarily disable your antivirus. In quite a few cases antivirus blocked access to unreliable (according to its estimates) sites. Temporarily disable the antivirus program, or disable it in antivirus settings certificate verification (for example, “Do not check secure connections “on Kaspersky Anti-Virus);
  • Install the latest version of the program on your computer “CryptoPro” (in case of previous work with this program). An outdated version of the product may cause a missing error. secure connection to the page;
  • Change your IE settings. Go to “Browser Properties”, select the “Security” tab, then click on “Trusted sites” (the address of your portal should already be entered there, if not, then fill in). Uncheck the option “enable” at the bottom защищенныйрежим”. Deactivate the specified option

    Деактивируйте указанную опцию

    Then click on the “Sites” button above, and uncheck the option “For all sites in this zone—”. Click on “OK” and try switching to the problem site.

  • Delete IE browser cookies. Launch your browser and click on Alt button to display the menu. Select the tab “Service” – “Delete browser history”, check the box (if not) on Cookies— option, then click on “Delete”;

    Clear cookies in IE

    Clear cookies in IE

  • Disable the use of VPN software (if available) those);
  • Try using a different browser to switch to problematic resource (in case you are not required to use any specific browser);
  • Check your PC for viruses (help, for example, tried and tested “Doctor Web Cureuth”);
  • Disable the option “Secure Boot” in the BIOS. Despite a certain the non-standard nature of this advice, it has helped far from one user get rid of outdated or unreliable errors TLS settings. ”

    Deactivate the option in BIOS

    Deactivate the “Secure Boot” option in BIOS


The reason for the error is “The site may be using outdated or TLS “unreliable security settings quite often is a local PC antivirus, for certain reasons blocking access to the desired Internet portal. Upon occurrence problematic situation, it is recommended that you first turn off your antivirus in order to make sure that it does not cause the considered a problem. If the error continues to repeat, then I recommend move on to implement the other tips described below to allow solve the problem of unreliable security parameters of the TSL protocol on your pc.

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