This device OS or software is not compatible with in pokemon go


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  • 2 When this error occurs and how to fix it
  • 3 Pokémon go system requirements
  • 4 How to download and install Pokemon Go
  • 5 Glossary (terms used in the game)

A little bit about the game Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented (mixed) reality game in the genre MMO (massively multiplayer online game), the essence of which consists in the capture, trade and battle of virtual creatures (Pokemon) in the real world (the game overlays virtual pictures on image of real objects). This game is intended for mobile devices, requires GPS and a constant Internet connection (the application is tied to working with servers). Next I will tell you how fix “This device OS or software is not compatible with” in Pokemon Go.

The visual guide to the game Pokemon go can be seen on the video:

When does this error occur and how to fix it

Error “This device OS or software is not compatible with Pokemon go ”appears after updating Pokemon go to the latest version. On your smartphone, an error may occur in several reasons:

  • An error may appear because you have a jailbroken Android gadget with Root rights or a similar iOS jailbreak phone.
  • This message may be caused by a custom ROM.

    Screenshot of a bug in Pokemon Go

    Screenshot of a bug in Pokemon Go

To fix the error “This device OS or software is not compatible with Pokemon go ”you need to remove root rights from your devices.

Error This device OS or software is not compatible with in Pokemon Go

This device OS or software is not compatible with error Pokemon go

Pokémon go system requirements

At the moment, the game works under operating systems Android (from version 4.4 and higher) and iOS 8 (or higher), on Windows OS Mobile game release is only planned. Availability on smartphone 2 gigabytes of memory, screen resolution 1280 by 720 and Stably working GPS.

How to download and install Pokemon Go

The game can be downloaded both from Google Play (for users Android) and with the iTunes App Store (for “Yabloko”), and requires about 200 megabytes of free space on the phone.

Please note that the game has not yet officially been released in Russia. Therefore, Android users will have to download it from others. sources, and owners of iOS-based smartphones to download the game You’ll need to change your location to the USA.

Moreover, if you want to increase the battery life of your devices (and the game discharges the battery very quickly), disable using augmented reality (AR switch above), and also put your smartphone in mode energy saving.

Glossary (terms used in the game)

For a more complete understanding of the gameplay Pokemon go and after victory over “This device OS or software is not compatible with Pokemon go ”get to know the most used in the game in terms of:

Achievement – Achievements of a player in Pokemon Go marked with a medal, which will be shown in the profile of the Trainer.

Battle (battle) – the process of fighting Pokemon with each other. To win the battle, Coaches need to bring the HP score (points life) of an enemy Pokemon to zero. Victory in battle leads to enhance the experience (XP) of the trainer.

Berry (berry) – an item that is used for lighter wild pokemon

Camera – used to capture a meeting with a wild Pokemon without having to take a screenshot.

Candy (candy) – used for the evolution of Pokemon and increase in CP (combat points – battle points) and HP (health points – hit points) captive Pokemon. Candy is individual for each evolutionary pokemon family.

Charge Move – A powerful movement used in the battle. Charge Move requires Stamina for its activation.

Combat Points (CP – battle points) – this indicator is overhead each pokemon shows how strong this particular little animal. A high CP Pokémon is harder to captivate, while if it’s on your side, it’s convenient to use in battle with others pokemon.

Dodge – by swiping your finger left or right on the screen throughout the battle you will help your pokemon dodge enemy attacks, thereby avoiding damage to your hero.

Egg – an egg, a new Pokemon hatches from it. Hiking certain distances allows you to bring small Pokemon.

Evolution – The process of transforming a Pokemon into more strong looking pokemon. The evolutionary pokemon has more high rates (in particular, CP).

Experienced Points (XP – experience points) – these points earned by performing various actions in Pokemon Go (e.g. catching a Pokemon, visiting Pokestop, winning the battle for Gym and so on).

Faint (weak) – when the Pokemon’s HP reaches zero, it weakens. A weakened pokemon must be revived, then it can be again use in battles.

Fast Move – A fast movement that can be used in battle, helps to fill indicator faster Stamina.

Gym (competition hall) – a location where Pokémon can fight or exercise. Player teams fight for possession gims.

Hit Points (HP – damage points) – this indicator determines the amount of damage that a pokemon can sustain in the battle.

Incense (Incense) – used to attract Pokémon for set time period.

Incubator (incubator) – used for growing eggs.

Item – virtual objects that may be received, used, collected and stored in the player’s inventory. Include pokeballs, berries, medicine, and other bonuses that may be found in Pokestops.

Level Up – when the Trainer is gaining more XP he raises his level (Level Up). Higher level player able to capture more powerful Pokemon.

Lucky Egg (lucky egg) – bestows double XP on a certain period of time during its use;

Max Revive – item used to revitalizing weakened Pokémon and full HP recovery.

Move – an attack that is executed by a Pokemon on throughout the battle. There are Charge Moves (attacking movements) and Fast Moves

Not Very Effective – describes the movement, which caused little damage in the battle. If the type of Pokemon is resistant to a certain type of movement, then this movement can cause him less damage (for example, fire type of movement in relation to Pokemon water type).

Pokeball – A ball used to capture and capture pokemon. Stronger pokeballs are used to capture more powerful pokemon.

Pokecoin (Pokecoin) – the type of currency that can be purchased game items and constant upgrades in Pokemon Go.

Pokemart (Pokemart) – a location where pokekoins can be spent on the acquisition of game artifacts and permanent upgrades.

Pokestop (pokestop) – a location where you can get free objects (pokeballs, eggs, maximum animation, etc.)

Potion (medicine) – item used to restore HP pokemon. The more powerful the medicine used, the larger percentage of HP will be restored.

Power UP (Increase Strength) – Increase CP and HP Caught pokemon. Involved through the use of stardust and sweets.

Prestige (prestige) – obtained by successful trainings in the gym and is used to increase the level of the Gyms themselves. In the hymns higher level more slots for defending Pokemon, this increases the protective potential of the hyme itself

Revive (revival) – the act of restoring the health of the weakened pokemon

Stamina (Stamina) – This indicator is required for the implementation of attack movements in the battle of Pokemon. Strip stamina is shown throughout the battle and decreases when attack movement is used. This indicator during the battle slowly recovering, and its quick recovery occurs thanks to the use of fast movement (Fast Move)

Stardust (Stardust) – used with sweets for increase the power of captive Pokemon. Stardust may be used in relation to any Pokemon, as it has no species specifications.

Super Effective (very effective) – describes the movement that takes more damage in battle. If the type of movement is related to type of attacked Pokemon, the movement itself will do more damage.

Team – there are three teams in the game (red, blue and yellow). Teams fight each other for possession of hymns, attack and defend them.

Trainer – Your coach acts as your own unique avatar in the game. The coach can travel, catch Pokemon, fight in the hymns, attend poketstops, collect subjects and others

Training – an act of battle between friendly Pokémon players (consisting of one team). Training Victory Boosts XP coach and enhances the prestige of the gym for your team.

Type – types have advantages or disadvantages in battle depending on the types of Pokemon and engagement a certain type of movement. There are 18 different types in Pokemon Go, each Pokemon has one or two types, at the same time each movement has only one type.

Type Effictiveness – Based on the use of one type or another in battle, and can carry both increased and reduced damage.

Upgrade – continuous improvement of a player’s account. Upgrade increases storage space or space storage of the pokemon themselves.

I hope you managed to fix the error “This device OS or software is not compatible with Pokemon go ”and understand the basic terms of the game Pokemon go.

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