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What is Uber Russia?

For a long time, the Uber application existed independently, including including in the Russian Federation. This mobile program was available in many countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey and others. At the end of 2018, the owners of the Uber service announced the termination of it work and launch a new service – Uber Russia. This app appeared at the merger of two services – Yandex.Taxi and Uber. Launch It is expected at the beginning of 2019. The application will endure a number changes. Cars will first remove their old stickers Uber.

To date, the application is already in online stores Apple Store and Google Play. Two companies have already invested in total the project is about two billion rubles. This money will be spent on starting advertising, special offers and discounts for customers, and also for special programs for drivers themselves.

In the development of Uber Russia, Yandex technologies were used. The first significant change in the application will be new maps. In old versions these were raster maps that took a long time loaded into the device, especially at low speed internet connection. In the new version of the application, taxis will be involved vector cards. Their main advantage is – Simple and fast scaling. I think you understand what kind of Uber Russia program, and now let’s analyze its features.

Yandex Taxi and Uber taxi

Yandex Taxi and Uber Taxi

Uber app features

Many users are interested in the question, will the old the app is something useful. For example, is it possible to update it to Uber Russia and continue to use the service again. But developers claim that soon the old application will not be work in Russia in general. It can only be removed and install a new one. The old version can only be used in In case you are going on a trip abroad. There is an old Uber version is still working.

In the new Uber Russia application, users have opportunity:

  • After each trip, leave a review on the order page;
  • Leave a tip to the taxi driver at the time of payment by card, add addresses in the description;
  • The application will prompt users (optional) to map in the area in which you are located, special points landing, paying for them will cost less.

Taxi Uber

Taxi marked outdated Uber

All this will allow you to use the application and adjust the data. after each trip. In notes you can leave any information that will be for you at the next order useful.

How to make a taxi order

The process of making a taxi call will remain the same. To order taxi Uber Russia, you need to have on your device attachment. You can download it in stores online – Google Play and Apple Store Then open the application map, find the desired one on the map auto and press the button to call it. In Western countries there is special mode of the program – Family Profile. With his help Parents can track taxis with their children.

Route taxi

Paved route in Uber Russia

Several rates are available:

  • Uber Black is mainly representative cars class
  • UberPop – a taxi of a budget class. Drivers often don’t have special license to engage in this activity;
  • UberStart is the lowest class taxi. Here can used cars with rental up to 15 years;
  • UberPool – a roomy car with the ability to pick up the road of fellow travelers, with whom in the end you can share the cost driving directions;
  • UberWAV – transportation of passengers with health problems (with a seat for wheelchairs);
  • UberPET / PIZZA – animal transportation / pizza delivery;
  • UberTrip – rent a car for several hours.

Interesting Uber Taxi Facts

In the US, Uber used unmanned vehicles as a taxi cars. In March 2018, the first in The world is a case in which an unmanned car shot down a person to death. Them turned out to be a middle-aged woman who was crossing the street in the wrong place. In the passenger compartment at that moment was operator. According to the female operator, she did not have time for anything to do. After this incident, representatives of Uber said that the test of such cars as a taxi is suspended.

First launch of the Uber Russia application

To know exactly what this application is – Uber Russia works in your region, go to the official website and enter your city – https://www.uber.com/en/cities/. After that you will need registration. But you can log in using your pages social networks. Next, to pay for services, you will need a banking a card whose number also needs to be linked to an Uber account Russia.

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