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The site “In Interests” appeared in 2014 on October 26. About it says the service for registering domain names Its creators noticed an unoccupied niche on the Internet that they tried fill.


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Website ( made an attempt bring people closer to their interests. And significantly different from others social networks. Since their goal is to create your own circle communication, make friends as many people as possible. Whereas resource “B interests “offers to find like-minded people whose interests match.

It’s about the site in the past tense, since at the time At the end of 2019, he does not respond to his address. If we try to go to, then we’ll see a message about that the web address is not responding.

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Error in the browser when navigating to

It is quite possible these are temporary failures that will be soon eliminated. After all, posts created on this resource and displayed through the Google search engine they say that the site is completely recently still fully worked.


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The idea of ​​the site is not only to find like-minded people. Website took some principles of the popular resource “Habrahabr” ( After registering on the site, each the user needs to choose one of the proposed topics, which for him as interesting as possible. You can add your own themes. Based on them the site generates posts that will be interesting to users. Them can be evaluated, and the creators of the best posts get valuable prizes.

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Who created the project “In Interests” was created by the person who was the representative. and CEO of Google in Russia and the Czech Republic for almost 6 years, since 2006 to 2011. His name is Konstantin Kuzmin. After leaving Google ex-director tried to establish his own business. In some publications he published information that he is working on several projects.

Konstantin Kuzmin

Photo by Konstantin Kuzmin

But beginnings even for him became a test. Developer I tried several areas in the creation of online services. But for that no particular success was noticed. The former director admitted what works in parallel on another project that should become useful tool for users. project is not the only Konstantin project Kuzmina, was still Ticket2Date, which is also a resource for communication of people. The site is a movie viewing service. His idea such: to create a date, the meeting place is selected by movie poster. So that people have a topic for discussion. The main service features are free. But a special scheme was also created. monetization of such a process. If the invitation is accepted, necessary PRO account to access continued communication. For those who invited to the cinema communication on the site and its functions are free. On the the site is currently inactive.

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A way to find out everything about the site in front of us


Habr Portal

When we go from one site to another via links or through search engines, we often come across different interesting sites. You can find out a lot of information about them, if you know where and how to search. These are elementary rules that anyone may know. many. But will be useful for beginners. Most sites, including, have full information about the creator, as well as about what is the purpose of pursuing the Internet. For example, take again The above resource Visiting his main страницу, откройте раздел “About the site” . On “Habré” the link is at the bottom of the main page.

О сайте

Click on the link “About the site”

By clicking on it, you will see a small story. Here the administrator posted a short post about how the site appeared. A certain @deniskin founded the resource in 2006. It was originally just a news feed that has formed over several years to a large, popular and reputable platform. Where are people going related to the IT industry. The section also contains the most popular posts.

Habrahabr site page

Technical information on any resource on the Internet

To get technical information about the site, you need a special online service. There are a lot of them on the Internet, here are a couple of popular ones:, Everything is very simple, we follow the link to the service and enter the website address in the line, which you want to check. For example,

Search for technical information

Search for technical information about the site

All available data is displayed: the ip-address of the site, its positions in search engines, number of visits and much another. website data

You can check any resource, but with the condition – it should be open for indexing by search engines.

A useful section is the link with contacts. In them you can find a mail address or phone in case you need to contact project administrator. This information is always present on Portal web pages. As was the case with, for now that he was available.

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