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Learn more about the watermark in the photo.

For those who are not familiar with watermarks on the Internet, you need tell in more detail what it is. For example, you are by the photographer. This is not only your hobby, but also a way to earn money. People of this profession post their images on special services – Photobanks, hoping to find a buyer. In order to protect images, photobanks use another layer for placed images. In this case, a translucent sign is represented as bands with the name of this service. They cross the whole image which you downloaded. Therefore, the average user will be very difficult to get rid of this protection.


Example watermark in the photo

Photobanks are popular on the net; here they buy original ones images creators of commercials and banners, bloggers, musicians and representatives of other professions. Watermarks created for protection against theft of copyright works. Often used domain names for its application. Even if the picture is placed on another resource, it will lead users to the owner’s site Images.

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Do I need to remove graphic protection?

Before proceeding with the removal of the watermark, you need to know that this process takes some time. Therefore weigh your situation, is it worth the time or maybe you can find an alternative. There are tons of sources for finding photos. One of the most common is the Google search engine. To Find the right photo here – enter a search query and click corresponding button to start the search. When the window opens results, you need to select the “Pictures” tab.


The Images section of the Google search engine

You can find images without protective logos on the site https://www.flickr.com. Go to the main page and enter the desired search query in the box at the top. Despite the fact that the site practically not oriented to the Russian-speaking user, search “understands” the requests in Russian.

Image Search

Search for images on flickr.com

At https://commons.wikimedia.org you can find a few tens of millions of images that are not protected by licenses and are not contain watermarks. You can also use search string.

Get rid of the logo in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is known worldwide for its An extensive set of tools that help you work wonders. There are some amazing tools for our case. Can use one of the tools of “Photoshop” – “Stamp”.


Stamp tool in Photoshop

This tool is known for its ability to copy patches. images and paste them into another area.

You need:

  1. Run the editor, select this tool in the panel.
  2. Hold down the ALT key.
  3. To copy a section, click the left mouse button.
  4. Now with the same left button fill or paste the area. Thus, the watermark disappears from your photo.

There are 2 more tools in Photoshop that will help us remove photo watermark:

No. Tool Functional
1 “Spot Healing Brush” Commonly used to remove small parts such as acne on the face, moles, etc. Select this tool and paint over It is the area where the watermark is located.
2 “Patch” Also an effective tool. They need to circle the area on which the unwanted object is located and drag it to another part, where he is not.

Crop photo

Sometimes a watermark in a photograph or picture is left on to the edge. This case is very successful for those who want to use such an image. All you need to do is crop the picture. so as to leave a superimposed mark beyond the borders discharge. You can edit photos even in Paint.

For this:

  1. Click on the “selection” toolbar.
  2. Circle the image to be saved, but without water sign.
  3. Click the “Crop” button.

Done. Now you have the original photo without any noteworthy signs.

It’s even easier to remove the watermark from the image in which it is located on a plain layer. You can use any graphic editor, since we need standard instruments. The part of the image where the watermark is located you need to select with any kind of selection – a rectangular area, ellipse. Then select the Eyedropper tool and copy the background color, where the watermark is located. It remains to choose a tool “Fill” and paint over the selected area and the watermark itself.

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Special programs that remove the watermark

One of the programs that helps to remove watermarks in the photo and pictures is inpaint. The main cleaning method is filling in the area with the corresponding color or their group. She gives the ability to delete logos, edit frames that hit excess objects, artifacts and scratches. Inpaint has yet several possibilities – removal of defects on the skin, shooting dates cameras, various obstruction objects, editing several frames.

It also contains all the popular tools that help to cope with similar tasks. You can find her here http://www.softportal.com/software-28737-inpaint.html. One of This editor’s popular tool is scalable marker brush.

To use it:

  1. Select the magic wand icon in the panel.

    Inpaint Program

    Work in Inpaint

  2. Since you often have to work with areas in which pixels of different colors and shades, paint over the area around and myself object, so that the program can determine which pixels fill this area, you can specify an example from another plot.
  3. Finish processing by pressing ENTER.

    Photo Editing

    Result of processing photos in Inpaint

After that, the watermark removal algorithm starts. Not Inpaint always succeeds in shutting down successfully. In that case, you can try to delete the remaining sections again watermark. There is another tool in this program – “Restore” from multiple images. With his help users can eliminate the watermark in a difficult situation, when it is superimposed on several non-uniform objects at once. The only difficulty is that you need extra image that was shot from about one foreshortening.

Online Watermark Removal Services

There are online services that help you quickly remove watermark on any photo. Here is just one of them. https://www.webinpaint.com/. He is in English but delete the watermark here is quite simple. To do this, click in the middle blue button “Upload Image” and select the image on the computer, which needs to be edited. Then paint over the area with a watermark with a special marker in the next step and click at the top Erase button. After a while, the program will remove the watermark from your photo.

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