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What is this WEB-DLRip quality?

Revealing the quality issue of “WEB-DLRip” one cannot but mention basic quality “WEB-DL” (the term is short for “WEB DOWNLOAD “- download from the network). WEB-DL quality is used to indicate a pirated video recording that was broadcast over the Internet (video streaming). Quality WEB-DL has excellent characteristics, since during video recording no losses. By the level of the picture it can be compared with HD 720p or 1080p, it has a similar level of image and color rendition.


The source here is streaming video

The quality we are considering WEB-DLRip is one of quality modifications WEB-DL. WEB-DLRip Video File is “rip” (copy) of the base “WEB-DL” file, which was compressed with using various video compressors. That is, in fact, this packed (compressed) video of basic quality “WEB-DL”.

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Where does this format video come from

After we figured out what the quality of the WEB-DLRip format is, consider also what is the source of video for WEB-DLRip. These sources are usually streaming video services level “Netflix”, “Hulu”, “Amazon Video”, “Crunchyroll”, “GO”, “Discovery”, “BBC iPlayer” and other analogues. Also source video can serve as online distribution sites, the level of “iTunes”.

iTunes video

A pretty popular source for WEB-DLRip is iTunes

Video on such resources is of high quality, and it remains so even in the packed WEB-DLRip format. Video (usually H.264 or H.265) and audio (AC3 / AAC) streams are usually extracted from “iTunes” or “Amazon Video” using special programs (level “Stream Reaper” and analogues). They are then mixed into an MKV container. lossless image and sound quality (also often used Matroska). It remains to compress this file, and get the output we need is WEB-DLRip.


To capture streaming video, level programs are used “StreamRipper”

Size of WEB-DLRip file received after compression is usually significantly less than the original size of the WEB-DL video. In this and the essence of using this format is to get high-quality small video files that can be played online on low speed.

Since not all users can watch high-quality video 1080p, 2K or 4K at high speed, then using WEB-DLRip allows you to watch comparable in quality video even on machines with a moderate Internet speed. And this a definite plus for those users who watch videos from using mobile internet or access points with a small speed.

In addition to online cinemas, WEB-DLRip files can often be found on various torrent trackers in the video files section. Such files usually have a small size (although there are exceptions), and good image quality. Good choice for users, preferring the optimal combination of file size and quality images.

Dnyuha WEB-DLRip

Domestic comedy “Dnyuha” on a torrent tracker in the format WEB-DLRip

Advantages and disadvantages of WEB-DLRip

As you know, each quality has its own advantages and limitations. For example, Camrip is small, but disgusting image, and the BDRemux 1080p has an excellent image, but with This is an impressive size. After we found out which WEB-DLRip quality, we will also analyze its advantages and limitations.

The WEB-DLRip quality advantages include approximately the following:

  • Like BD / DVDRip files, WEB-DLRip files are not constantly network logo placed on the screen;
  • WEB-DLRip files are missing ads, no commercials breaks like in blu-ray, other annoying user inserts;
  • Such videos are usually not exposed to any serious processing;
  • Like the Blu-ray standard, there are no significant problems. with picture quality;
  • The quality of this video is better than that of competitors “SatRip” or “WebRip”.

Nevertheless, this quality also has drawbacks. They are about these are:

  • Copyright violation when working with video content;
  • Video compression in WEB-DLRip somehow causes the appearance of on compressed video of various artifacts that may be visible in dark scenes;
  • WEB-DLRip format may require installation for viewing additional codecs (and on TV and DVD players, such files may not reproduced at all). Although in the case of a PC, usually enough default codec packs used by most video players;
  • Usually there are no built-in subtitles. It could be as a plus or minus, because sometimes built-in subtitles can and need it;
  • WEB-DL sources for 1080p may be insufficient bitrate to display the video in the specified quality. Because when viewing WEB-DL (and subsequently compressed WEB-DLRip) costs Focus on 720p Web-DL.

In general, the advantages of WEB-DLRip quality exceed it limitations. Therefore, we recommend the indicated quality for watching videos online, and for viewing offline, in the form saved video files on your PC.


In this material, we made out what is WEB-DLRip, what are sources for receiving these types of video files what are its Advantages and disadvantages. Despite the pirate character WEB-DLRip files, they are a pretty convenient way popularization of video content among users working with low Internet speed. WEB-DLRip files are quite massive segment on pirated video hosting sites. High quality images, and can be recommended as a free alternative to view paid video content online.

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