What do checkboxes in Whatsapp and Viber mean messages?


Whatsapp and Viber message status

Whatsapp and Viber are one of the most popular in the world. instant messengers. The audience of Viber alone is more than 260 million people actively using this messenger to various communicative tasks. The messengers themselves are actively develop over the years, introducing various innovations into its functionality. One of such innovations, developed since 2014 and beyond, has become a checkmark function for messages that allow you to accurately know the status of their delivery.

Checkmark sending status

The color and number of checkmarks allow you to accurately determine the status sending

Now you can accurately determine whether your message whether it was delivered to the recipient, and whether it was him read. This is especially important for those users who are involved. business, and want to be sure to deliver and read them messages

Checkmark delivery

Checkmarks of the corresponding color in the status of the message allow make sure message delivery

What is the status of such checkmarks? Let’s get it right.

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As you can see, the checkmarks in Viber (Vatsap) may be one or two, and usually they are gray or blue. let’s consider in detail what each option means.

One gray checkmark

One gray checkmark usually means your message Sent and located on the messenger server.

Gray swatch vatsap

A gray checkmark means your message sent

If this status persists for a long time, then this may indicate that there are any problems with your delivery Messages to the user.

This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The user’s phone does not have access to the Internet, or the network connection on the gadget is disabled;
  • The user’s phone is disconnected as such;
  • The user uninstalled the Viber or Vatsap applications from his Phone
  • The Viber or Vatsap application on his phone does not work, disabled and more.

    Viber does not work

    Viber may not work for various reasons.

If the clock is displayed instead of a checkmark when sending, then this signals the presence of any problems when sending a message. Most often this is the lack of the Internet, or problems in work the messenger itself.

Watch message

The clock icon may indicate a problem. when sending a message

Two gray birds

Two gray checkmarks next to your message on Whatsapp and Viber signal that the message has been delivered to the recipient, but formally until read by him.

Message delivery to the recipient

The presence of two checkmarks indicates the delivery of a message the recipient

Since it may appear on the screen when a message is delivered custom phone for a couple of seconds and the user can to read. Moreover, if such a message is left with gray with checkmarks, it means that the recipient did not enter Viber (Vatsap) for the sake of reading it.

Two blue (purple) checkmarks

Two blue checkmarks in Whatsapp and Viber in messages mean that your message has been viewed by the recipient, or at least the recipient opened the chat window on the device. In this case, you may be We are sure that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Two blue swoops Vatsap

Two blue checkmarks usually mean reading the message by user

How to get detailed message information

You can also get detailed information when sent. and any specific message delivered. For this in Whatsap needs to tap on this message, and then at the top service panel click on the circle with the button (i) – information.

Tap on “I” and you will receive data on sending and receiving posts

Data will be opened when a message has been sent and delivered.


The message data looks something like this

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In our material, we analyzed the values ​​of checkmarks of various colors in whatsapp and viber in messages, and why might occur Any delivery problems. Check the status of your posts in order to make sure that the text you sent is safe delivered to the addressee.

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