What is periscope? How to use it?


Nowadays there is a huge amount on the Internet various projects and sites that provide services for storing uploaded videos. Consider what an application is. Periscope, how to use it and watch broadcasts in the periscope. what is a periscope and how to use it A lot of people record videos and share them in pursuit of their specific goals. Someone leads professional channels to creating high-quality video material and making money on it, others just want to show people their creations, and another group of people strives in this way to become popular.

Periscope: what is this Periscope app?

It’s worth noting that it used to be very fashionable to upload videos, so that people watch it, write comments and evaluate it. But progress does not stand still, requiring development in all directions, and now comes the unusual fashion for online – broadcasts, for example, social Vkontakte also created an application for live broadcasts of VK Live. A new trend quickly spread on the Internet and an uncountable amount appears daily users who broadcast their activities global the web.

what is a periscope on the Internet

That’s why just recently a unique project appeared, called “Periscope”. It is free, convenient and stylish! With the help of a periscope, you can make live broadcasts practically from any place with an internet connection. Even ordinary a mobile phone with a camera can become your guide to periscope broadcast in which you can show what you doing at the moment by clicking on one button. You don’t Be sure to understand the technical features of the application and not you need to have practical skills because it is simple and understandable.

periscope is a social network

The Periscope app has a lot of interesting features, among which are the following: video after broadcast completion will be stored on the periscope site for 24 hours, the user can put hearts (likes) to the author of the video – broadcast and write him various messages, the possibility is allowed free subscription to the author’s channel in the periscope. Imagine what great opportunities open such projects! Now any a person will be able to conduct lectures and seminars online, share your experiences, show techniques of craft and your favorite business, teach others something, transfer their skills, reveal secrets and more. Conduct online conferences and broadcasts it is possible in Skype.


Information has become faster and more accessible, and if earlier it was necessary to go somewhere or physically visit a place to learn something, now it can be done sitting at home by turning on the periscope with necessary semantic content. In our opinion, this application bright and promising future and believe me, the benefits that it will bring the bulk of people will be very significant in the end the result.

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