What is the rate of redemption on wildberry


What does WildBerries sell?

Wildberry online store provides users almost any product. Using your own items service distribution, you can get your purchase at any region of Russia, as well as in some other countries. Here you can purchase any items and products, starting with clothes and ending with pet products. As in other similar services, they operate here holiday and seasonal discounts and various bonuses.


Product Groups Available on WildBerries

You can verify this yourself by visiting the page wildberries.ru/services/nashi-skidki. Pay attention to the top block with sections of goods. To become a customer, you need to go through a simple registration on the site. Then you can make your first purchase at WildBerries.

And also find out why paid delivery to Wildberry is 200 rubles.

Foreclosure Percentage in WildBerries – What Does It Mean?

Whether we like the online store or not is determined by a number of functions and the opportunities that it provides. Internet resources try to be unique in order to attract as much as possible customers. In Wildberry, such a unique feature is buyback percentage.

We are used to the usual financial transaction – paid the price and received product. But in the Wildberries store, the purchase is a bit on another scenario. You find the thing you need on the pages of the service, place an order. And even get it without any prepayment. IN at the pick-up point, you inspect the item received. And in the event that everything is in order, packaging is not broken, etc. – you pay for the goods. The more goods you bought when ordering, the higher your percentage foreclosures on the site in profile.

It turns out that the repurchase percentage is the ratio of the quantity orders and purchases. This is one of the important indicators of your account. Another important feature for you, as a buyer, is price of purchased goods. The higher it is, the more valuable it becomes Buyer for WildBerries.

How to calculate the buyback percentage from one order

With a common understanding of what is the buyback percentage in WildBerries, we figured out. Now let’s look at how to calculate the buyback percentage in one order. It’s rare when users order Wildberry just one thing. A girl cannot buy only one lipstick. You also need a lotion for the face, hair conditioner and much more yet. Calculating the percentage in any case will not be difficult. For example, you bought it all:

  • Lipstick – 300 rubles;
  • Hair conditioner 600 rubles;
  • Face Lotion – 700 rubles;
  • Fashionable hairbrush – 400 rubles.

    Products for girls

    Products for Girls on Wildberry

But when you received the order, you found that the comb and hair conditioner does not match the description on the site. Or them the packaging is damaged. You refused to take them. It turns out that you purchased only lotion and lipstick in the amount of 1000 rubles. Order Total worth 2000 thousand. Therefore, your repurchase percentage will be 50%.

What does the redemption rate affect

The percentage of redemption in Wildberry is directly dependent on the possibility Buy without prepayment. If your percentage of purchases is more than 50%, you you can continue to order things without paying in advance for its full cost. The percentage is calculated for the entire period of existence your account in the service. That is, all your purchases and refunds. Everything is extremely simple. Order only what you most likely buy.

Calculation of the repurchase percentage

Foreclosure Percentage calculation on WildBerries

Often you can meet outraged customers who make huge orders, but they buy only a small part of it. Then for them, the opportunity to purchase goods without an advance payment is being closed. The store spends a large amount of funds to deliver them to your area. And at the same time you have a choice of what to buy, and what to refuse. You can completely change the store and buy goods elsewhere. What would be tantamount to shop at WildBerries prepaid.

Discounts and bonuses in Wildberry

Those buyers who have a high buyback percentage on the site Wildberries get bonuses from the store over time. Is not the only factor that affects the provision of bonuses. The price of purchases and the amount of financial resources spent are also important. for all the time and things ordered.

To view this data and possible discounts in your profile, You need to log in and enter your personal account. Then Find and select the “My Discount” tab. Here will be everything you need Information, including your buyback percentage at Wilberries Store. You you should also carefully read the rules of work on site, its limitations. There are some product groups that can only be bought at a 7% discount – these are books, goods for houses, toys. The percentage will not be higher even in case of acquisition maximum rank on the site.

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