What to do if a page is hacked In contact with?


Today it’s almost impossible to hack someone’s account on Vkontakte, hacking protection at the highest level. But you can find a couple methods that can help with hacking someone else’s page, and these methods still work at the moment. It is also worth noting that all types of hacking are prosecuted by the criminal code and in this article we We want to inform how to secure your Vkontakte page from hacking. What to do if a hacked Vkontakte page

How can they hack a Vkontakte page?

The easiest and easiest way is the logical one. Primarily you should know when hacking:

  • User e-mail — we will use it as login.
  • Mobile number – required to confirm entry to page (if you go to the page from another ip-address, you need will enter the last digits of the user’s mobile number

Next, you need to select the password for the account, by logical reasoning, we select the user password:

  • Date of birth – very common password
  • Mobile Phone Number – often used with a date birth;
  • Mother’s mobile phone number;
  • Mother’s maiden name – mother’s last name before she left married
  • Nickname in the game – if the user is a gamer, he probably has have an individual game name, login;
  • Pet name – if there is or was an animal with this user
  • Combinations of numbers: 123456 – in different order;
  • Keyboard shortcut: qwerty or ytsuken;

Therefore, we recommend using complex passwords consisting of uppercase letters and numbers.

A popular and common method of hacking a contact page. this is phishing. Phishing is so The malicious masked website is designed for Vkontakte design. When accessing such a site you will need to log in under your username and password. Thus you give out to attackers your login details on your page. Outwardly, you can almost not distinguish a malicious site from a real Vkontakte. Only knowing exceptions:

  • Website address – always look at the Vkontakte address. is he can only be http: //vk.com/ and nothing else (http://vk.site.ru/,http://vkontakte-site.com/, etc.).
  • If you have a good antivirus installed, then such sites will be blocked by antivirus.

The next method is no less effective than the previous one, for hacking use the so-called Trojan viruses. You have a desire to see who came to you to the page, and you found a program that requires you to enter a login and password from the page, know you downloaded the trojan. Wanted to read other people’s messages, and also downloaded a program that requires your data, this is again a way to lose access to your page.

  • Trojan viruses – never download programs like this kind of. Any program that requires Vkontakte authorization will steal your data.

And the last way, ineffective hacking method so called Brutus. Brutus – a way to hack selection of login and password using the program.

  • Set a complex password – consisting not only of numbers, but also latin letters.

And finally: if you have access problems and you don’t You can go to your Vkontakte page – immediately scan your computer for viruses.

How to protect a Vkontakte page from hacking

How to protect the page from hacking Vkontakte

To protect the Vkontakte page well enough from hacking, You should know and follow some rules:

  • Strong password – at least 6 characters, which must consist of both numbers and letters: Change Vkontakte password
  • Use the function “Confirm Login” – you You can connect Vkontakte authorization through the code that you will be sent to a mobile phone when entering from another ip-addresses or another computer (“My Settings” – “Security Your page “-” connect “).
  • Install a good antivirus – installing a good one, updatable antivirus, one of the most important protection tools in the internet.
  • Look at the address of the site— it should be onlyhttp: //vk.com/.
  • Do not download or install dubious programs for Vkontakte – in no case do not install on computer programs that may require Authorization through social. network, this you give attackers their data.

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