Where to download Opera Neon for free for Windows and Mac?


Opera in early 2017 released a new browser, new the owners of the company decided to conquer the browser market, and take top positions. In this article we will talk about the features browser and where can I download Opera Neon for Windows is free. opera neon

Opera Neon Browser Features:

  1. Desktop wallpaper can use background image start page.
  2. Built-in player, image gallery, manager downloads in the sidebar.
  3. A simplified version of the tabs in the visual panel in the right pane browser.
  4. New smart tab management system, popular tabs are located on top.
  5. The new address bar will allow you to search for information directly or through search engines.
  6. When visiting web pages and surfing the Internet, you can Watch a video through a pop-up video frame.
  7. Convenient image capture function or desired area will allow make a screen shot and save it for use in further.
  8. Splitting the screen into two parts, which will allow at the same time work with two pages.

Opera Neon desktop browser

You can download the browser from the official site by clicking on link.

Opera Neon is based on Chromium and There is an experimental version of the Opera browser. Browser developers are engaged in a new interface, in order to provide the user with quick and easy operation in The internet. BrowserOpera Neon has a minimum of settings, high speed and page loading.

Opera Neon interface

BrowsersOpera Neon and regular Opera are created on one engine. Complete replacement of the new browser with the old one and at the same time there will not be a popular browser Opra, but in the old version there will be Added some features of the new version. You are currently You can test the browser version of Opera Neon, from the official site downloadoperating to try a novelty in the world browsers.

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