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  • 1 For what reasons friGate does not work
  • 2 How to fix problems with the friGate extension
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For what reasons friGate does not work

There are two main reasons why the friGate extension may not work: disabling proxy servers on which it is based (for example, due to a DDoS attack), and user errors. In the first case, it remains just wait until the servers bounce back. If the extension not working due to improper installation or configuration, breakdown can fix it yourself.

The following errors are most common when using extensions:

  1. Attempt to bypass a site block that is not included in the lists friGate.
  2. Using the wrong proxy server.
  3. Incorrect configuration of DNS servers.

The fix for the friGate extension is thus in its reconfiguration in accordance with the instructions.

How to fix problems with the friGate extension

First of all, you should do the following:

  • turn off the extension by clicking on its icon in the browser bar, and turn on again;
  • restart the browser;
  • try friGate on a different browser.

This helps if the extension doesn’t work due to temporary or one-time failure, in which all do not open immediately blocked sites. If you can’t get around locking one specific resource, troubleshooting methods may be different.

What to do when sites are protected from friGate

The site may be blocked too well for crawling with a simple proxy server – at the provider level. In this case try encrypting traffic using anonymity mode friGate extensions. For this mode to work, you must change DNS addresses from third-party providers. For this necessary:

  1. Open Internet connection settings and go to the menu “Change adapter settings”.
  2. Open the properties of the adapter used.
  3. Open TCP / IPv4 protocol properties.
  4. Indicate any free DNS server addresses – for example, and
  5. Apply changes.

To enable friGate anonymity mode, you need to configure a DNS server

To more efficiently bypass locks, use alternative DNS servers

After that, open the friGate extension options by clicking on its icon with the right mouse button, and enable anonymity in corresponding settings block.

Another possible reason friGate is not working is the lack of an open site in the extension lists. To fix this it is possible through the settings:

  1. Create a custom list in the “List settings” section sites. “The name of the list can be anything.
  2. Go to the new list by clicking on its name.
  3. Enter the site in the “Domain” field and click “Add Site”.

You need to specify not only the main domain, but also subdomains (in format *. site_address.ru). This is not necessary if the open the site has no subdomains, but it is better to play it safe.

The friGate extension may not work due to the lack of a site in the lists - in this case, you need to add it

Custom site lists are added via options friGate

Alternative proxy servers can also be used by adding user address in the “Proxy Settings” block of parameters friGate extensions. This will help if the servers from the list are free, extensions provided by developers do not work.


Knowing why the friGate plugin does not work, the problem is easy fix it. If you can’t restore the functionality of the extension, you can only use its analogues – free VPNs, e.g. Hola or Tunnelbear. They also allow you to get around. blocking the site in one click and encrypt your traffic. How use them, you can find out on our website.

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