Why the numbers on the keyboard do not work on right


The reason the digital unit stops working

Num Lock on the keyboard

Num Lock on the keyboard

The number pad on the right of the keyboard stops work due to the user switching his mode. Yes u these keys can be two purposes, because it is not without reason that they not only numbers and arithmetic operators are marked, but the values ​​of some actions (for example, PgUp).

Usually this switch occurs by clicking on NmLk key (on some Nlk keyboards). After that when pressing the keys of the corresponding block, the numbers stop be displayed, but other actions begin to be performed.

How to fix the problem that the digital block stopped typing

Fix problem with broken numbers on the keyboard on the right extremely simple. First you should try to press the key NmLk, which is located near the block with number keys (or inside it). On desktop keyboards, if enabled number input mode, the corresponding indicator lights up (if it available).

Enable Num Lock in BIOS

Enable Num Lock in BIOS

If nothing happens by pressing the NumLock key, then, probably the corresponding function is disabled in the BIOS (however, this valid only for older motherboard models). But all Equally verify this by following these steps:

  1. Reboot the computer;
  2. On the start screen of the computer (not the system) boot, click on “Del” or “F2” (depending on the model of the motherboard);
  3. In the menu that opens, look for the option “Num Lock Status” (maybe be called a little differently);
  4. If one is present, then make sure it matters “On”;
  5. If this is not the case, then assign the indicated state to it, apply the settings and reboot.

After performing these steps, switching by clicking on NmLk must earn. You can read more about the Num Lock key. наsdelaicomp.ru / obzori / num-lock-chto-eto-takoe-na-klaviature.html

How to enable numeric keys on a keyboard that doesn’t have digital block

Enabled Num Lock on Laptop

Enabled Num Lock on Laptop

Some keyboards do not have a numeric keypad on right. However, usually manufacturers care about users, and implement them on an alphabetic keyboard. Its inclusion depends on keyboard models, but most often this can be done through keystrokes: “Fn + NmLk”. After letters to the right are performed all begin to perform the functions of a numeric keypad. At the same time, if you click on NmLk, then these keys will work in the second mode, which is provided for the digital unit. And for in order to restore the functionality of the alphabetic keyboard, you will need to click on “Fn + NmLk” again.

It should be noted that sometimes manufacturers, in order to save space, do not equip the keyboard with the NmLk key at all. Such Cases switching to a digital unit can be realized through Fn + FN (one of the function buttons). I hope you have learned not only the reasons why the numbers on the keyboard on the right do not work, but they could solve the problem of.

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