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  • 1 ASCII Editor Features
  • 2 Installing WinEdt
  • 3 We master the buttons and menus WinEdt
  • 4 Working with the WinEdt editor
  • 5 Disadvantages of the program

ASCII Editor Features

  • WinEdt has all the tools for creating scripts and macros.
  • Supports all common encodings.
  • It has a convenient and intuitive interface.
  • Low system requirements.
  • A wide selection of settings.
  • Ability to create PDF and DVI files.

After we found out what WinEdt is and met with the capabilities of this software, we proceed to its installation.

Installing WinEdt

The program is very easy to use and install, unlike other programming tools. Working even with voluminous TeX-documents, they will not take many lines, and especially not will require huge calculations. And this means that the requirements for the computer does not have the program. Any computer with 100 MB of RAM memory and 50 MB of free hard disk space will easily launch WinEdt program. The only limitation of the program is work. only with Windows OS, the program is not oriented to other systems. WinEdt supports all latest operating systems Microsoft, and owners of computers with older versions of Windows, will have to look for earlier versions of the program.

Installing WinEdt 10

Install WinEdt 10

Installation is very simple, like any other application: put a tick on the license agreement, select the folder for install the program files and start the process.

Mastering WinEdt Buttons and Menus

The toolbar resembles any other Windows program. Top panel with buttons: File, Edit, Help, etc. In each button There are options items. These options allow us to open the document. in various forms, insert geometric shapes into the document, Lists, tables, and various code, including HTML. One of useful buttons for novice users of this program is TeX GUI Symbols menu item. It must be activated for those who do not knows all the nuances of the language. There are many symbols, signs and other rare graphic elements. I think you figured it out for the application WinEdt.

WinEdt Editor Working Window

WinEdt Editor Working Window

Working with WinEdt Editor

The editor supports a number of programs, and also allows you to run from its shell, programs such as: MakeIndex, TeX4ht, LuaTeX, BibTeX and others. Parsing errors is done in the utility itself. If in the settings of the Find menu, enable the item “Regular Expresion, then the field search in the program will become a command line from which it is convenient edit the document. The running WinEdt program is practically not takes up operating system resources. When the process is running you can see its consumed resources – this is approximately 30 MB random access memory. This advantage distinguishes the program from other similar editors. A significant difference can be seen when parsing large TeX or HTML blocks. New versions work like under Windows 32-bit system, and under 64.

Program disadvantages

WinEdt application does not have a direct connection to Microsoft Word. In order to transfer files from the program, you have to turn to third-party utilities like GrinEq, TeX4ht, Tth. But in them you sometimes need to first convert to HTML format, then to Word and Office Online. Results will not ideal, they will still need to be edited. One WinEdt, to Unfortunately, this will not provide.

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