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  • 1 What is 102976 Mr Lts Vnukovo Shop-1?
  • 2 Problems with postal items in the LC
  • 3 What does it mean if your package is stuck in Vnukovo?
  • 4 What to do if you received a notification with index 102976
  • 5 Conclusion

What is 102976 Mr Lts Vnukovo Shop-1?

“International Logistic Center Vnukovo” (MR LC Vnukovo) – it is one of the largest postal logistics centers available in Of Russia. Its index is 102976. Located next to the international Vnukovo airport, it is designed to combine the customs registration of international mail arriving in Moscow by air by, and its automated sorting with subsequent delivery to the recipient.

LC Building

The building of the MR LC Vnukovo

With the opening of the Center in November 2013, it allowed processing up to 100 thousand letters per day. Over time, the possibilities of MR LC Vnukovo significantly increased, and now he carries out processing of more than 300 thousand correspondence per day thanks to modern equipment and qualified personnel.

MR LC Vnukovo consists of several workshops (Shop-1, Shop-2, Shop-3) where the received correspondence is sorted, and sent to next transit step (usually to the corresponding postal department).

How the LC looks like with code 102976 can be seen on this video:

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Problems with mail in LC

After we found out what Vnukovo Shop-1 is with a code 102976, we will now deal with the problems that arise in his work. Despite the growth in the working capacity of the logistics center, he continues to collect many negative reviews related to “freezing” and loss of mail that arrived at Workshop-1. Instead of standard a few days, mail arriving in Vnukovo may hang there weeks or even months.

The causes of such problems may include the following:

No. Cause Features
1 The sender indicated the wrong recipient address (zip code, city, street and so on) Such packages are separated from the total number, and with them begins Responsible specialist of the logistics center.
2 There is a pre-holiday influx of a huge shaft of parcels This usually happens before popular holidays (for example, Happy New Year), when the capacities of MR LC Vnukovo can not cope with a huge mass of incoming correspondence.
3 The Center has a breakdown of sorting equipment It usually takes some days to recover normal operation of capacities.
4 Employees of the Center have revealed the illegality of any packages (for example, it contains weapons, drugs, precursors and etc) Such a premise is removed from the total number, and on this fact a criminal case is being launched.
5 Parcel was stolen or damaged Such cases were also recorded (in the language of the Russian Post it called “lost”). It should be noted that the frequency similar cases have been declining over the past years.

Memo of the Russian Post

Mail “hangs” in the MR LC Vnukovo found its reflection in memes

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What does it mean if your package is stuck in Vnukovo?

Let’s figure out what to do in a situation where your package is stuck in LC Vnukovo for a long time (at least a couple of weeks).

I recommend the following:

  1. Once again check the status of your parcel by tracking number on PR site or other sites (for example, track24.ru);
  2. Make sure that the period for sending your correspondence has expired;
  3. Submit an application for search on the PR website or in the nearest post office PR;
  4. Write a complaint on the website of Roskomnadozor. In the complaint, indicate violation of the deadlines for the delivery of correspondence, and ask to attract the legal entity “Russian Post” to the administrative responsibility;
  5. Please file a complaint with the Prosecutor General.

    Appeal to Roskomnadzor

    An effective way to solve the problem is to contact Roskomnadzor

What to do if you received a notification with index 102976

If you receive a notification of a registered letter awaiting you, and this notice mentions the MP LC Vnukovo Shop-1, then usually this means that this letter passed through Shop-1 of the specified logistics center. Upon receiving similar notifications are recommended to track it on the PR website on a 14-digit numerical code, which is usually located below barcode notification. By entering the specified code on the PR website, you usually get information about the transit steps that have passed by letter and by its sender.

Package tracking

Track your mail by 14-digit code

In many cases, the sender is hidden behind such a letter in the form the state or municipal authority that sent you any relevant correspondence (notice of any social payments, taxes, court hearings and so on). It is recommended to go to the post office and receive this letter in order to be in up to date with all cases conducted by the state in your regard.

Local branch of PR

Visit your local PR office to get your due letters

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As we found out above, 102976 Mr Lts Vnukovo Shop-1 – means large logistics sorting center “Russian Post”. is he processes the received international correspondence and sending it to the recipient. If your letter was delayed in the LC on long time (month or more), it is recommended to contact with a complaint to the responsible authorities to resolve the problem.

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