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  • 1 What is an easy payment?
  • 2 How does the 6996 Easy Payment service from MTS work?
  • 3 Using the MTS 6996 number by scammers
  • 4 What to do if you received SMS from 6996
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What is an easy payment?

“Easy payment” is a service from MTS at 6996, allowing you to pay bills using your mobile phone. Money is debited from your mobile account (or with credit card), which eliminates the need to use banking terminals or online banking. To implement payments using the “easy payment” service you need a phone and internet connection, everything else is done in pretty simplified mode.

With the help of MTS “easy payment” you can carry out:

  • Communal payments;
  • Repay any loans;
  • Make purchases in online stores;
  • Transfer funds;
  • Pay for Internet, cable TV and much more another.

By default, the Easy Payment service from MTS is activated at most subscribers of this operator. If in your case she does not work, it can be activated as follows:

  • Visit the MTS salon and ask to activate the specified a service;
  • Call your mobile operator and ask him to activate “Easy payment”;
  • Use the “My Account” on the MTS Internet resource;
  • Dial the command * 111 * 656 #;
  • Dial * 115 #, and then send to confirm activation any SMS to specialized number 6996 (if you send 0, then the activation of the service will not take place).
  • Engage the mobile application of the same name. I think now you know exactly what this number is 6996.

    Use the specified mobile application

    Use the dedicated mobile app

How does the 6996 Easy Payment service from MTS work?

When ordering and paying for a product or service in the payment option You must select a payment from your MTS phone account. After that with 6996 numbers you will receive an SMS with the amount of payment and an offer to send confirming SMS to number 6996. After sending such SMS payment will be confirmed.

If you send code 0 to this number, then payment will be canceled.

At the same time, the MTS operator itself withdraws any percentage of the payment for their services (usually 3-6% of the amount).

Select the indicated option to make a payment

Select the indicated option to make a payment

Using the MTS number 6996 scammers

The number 6996 gained the greatest publicity thanks to the multitude scammers who have fully appreciated the convenience of Easy Payment for cheating hundreds of MTS subscribers.

The fraudulent scheme works as follows:

  • The fraudster enters the unsuspecting subscriber’s number into details of any payments and indicates the service “Easy payment”;
  • The subscriber entered a number by SMS from a number 6996 with a request to confirm the payment and send to the number 6996 any SMS;
  • Some subscribers “on the machine” do it right away, and some the fraudster calls, and under the pretext of an accidentally made mistake asks to send an SMS to number 6996 or say who came to the phone the code;
  • After sending such an SMS from the subscriber’s mobile account (as well as tied to a bank card account) various amount. At the same time, some subscribers go to a high minus (up to 30 thousand rubles of losses).

In other cases, a mobile virus sends SMS for a subscriber, acting on the phone of an unlucky subscriber. In this case the fraudster goes without the help of the victim, since all the malware operations are performed by digital malware.

Also in some cases the PC of some unlucky the user is blocked by a virus, and for him Unlocking the malware requires sending SMS to number 6996. After sending SMS to the specified number from the subscriber’s mobile account (card) certain amounts begin to be withdrawn time after time.

If the fraudster wants to pay the amount that is missing (or it’s not enough) on your wallet, you will receive an SMS about insufficient funds in your account and failure to fulfill payment.

In many cases a service

In many cases, the Easy Payment service is used. scammers

What to do if you received SMS from number 6996

After we found out, 6996 what kind of MTS service it is, it’s quite it’s clear that you shouldn’t indulge fraudsters in their intentions. Therefore, if you received SMS from number 6996, and at the same time no operations with the help of the Easy Payment service were not completed, then do the following:

  • Do not respond to received SMS from number 6996 and do not take the handset, if immediately after receiving the SMS you receive a call from unfamiliar to you numbers;
  • Check your phone with the proven powerful antivirus (for example, AVG Mobile);
  • Call the operator at 0890 and ask to disconnect unnecessary service “Easy payment”;
  • Visit with your passport to the nearest branch of MTS and ask disable the specified service;
  • Log in to your personal account on the MTS website, then click on the “Payment Management” tab, and there select “Easy payment. “Deactivate unnecessary automatic payments, as well as untie your bank card (if it was linked before) through the “My Maps” menu;
  • Block this service with a sequence dial characters * 152 * 2 #

    Disable this service

    Disable this service for your number


We found out above what kind of service this can be connected to MTS with using the number 6996 and what are the features of its use. Since in the vast majority of cases the service is “easy payment” used by scammers, then when receiving SMS from a number It is recommended that you ignore such messages. If necessary blacklist number 6996, thereby protecting yourself from probable cash loss.

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