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The content of the article:

  • 1 We translate into Russian the status of the parcel Accepted by carrier
  • 2 Features displaying the status of “Accepted by carrier”
  • 3 Related delivery statuses at this stage
  • 4 Conclusion

We translate the status of the parcel into Russian carrier

Accepted by carrier status is translated into Russian as “accepted by the carrier”, and usually means a situation in which a parcel is loaded onto a carrier’s transport for further shipment to the next point in the supply chain (usually a sorting center).

After the sorting center, the package usually goes through Chinese Customs, and then to the country of destination (by land, by air or by sea).

There are also situations when, after sending from the sorting center, the package goes to the next sorting center (another transit point), and from there it goes abroad.

After getting to the sorting center, the parcel usually receives status “Inbound in sorting center ” .

Parcel received the following status

The parcel received the following status “Inbound in sorting center”

Features displaying the status of “Accepted by carrier”

The status “Accepted by carrier” is displayed as on the site “AliExpress” (the page displaying the status of the order), and on various tracking sites designed to track parcel status worldwide.

The indicated status is compiled with the exact date and time of it. receipt. In this status, the package remains for a short time (several hours, maximum 24 hours), and then sent to sorting center. If in the status “Accepted by carrier” your the package is several days (or even more), I recommend paying the seller’s attention to this, and if in the order status and further nothing change – open a dispute and return spent by you facilities.


Accepted by carrier status with exact date and time receiving

I also propose to consider other mail statuses that can receive the mail package at this stage. In particular, it is such statuses as:

  • “Inbound in sorting center” – translation;
  • “Outbound in sorting center” – translation;
  • “Acceptance” – acceptance of the package;
  • “Acceptance, Composite” – acceptance, formation of the premise;
  • “Adopted mailing to send” – the package is prepared for sending;
  • “Arrive at origin post office” – the package arrives at the base post office;
  • “Item collected at Post Office” – the package has been accepted at the post office branch;
  • “Item received by shipper” – package received carrier;
  • “Posted” – the package was mailed;
  • “Reception” – receiving the package;
  • “Shipment operation completed” – mail loading operations shipment completed.

    We study the status of tracking packages using tracking numbers

    Examine Package Tracking Statuses


The status “Accepted by carrier” is translated into Russian, as “accepted by the carrier”. This status is received by the package received carrier, and ready for transportation to the next transit point (usually a sorting center). In this condition, the package there is little time (usually only a few hours) if but the indicated status is maintained for days, or even weeks, then I recommend contacting the seller for clarification, and if need – open a dispute to return your spending funds.

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