An error has occurred in the Sense Home application on HTC – how to fix


Recently, HTC smartphones are becoming very popular. By for the same reason, the number of questions on working with built-in applications and their errors. The most common the question is about what happened in the Sense Home application on HTC error. How to fix it and what kind of application we will look at further in the article.

The content of the article:

  • 1 System program for HTC – Sense Home
  • 2 Fix HTC Sense Home application error
  • 3 How to add a widget to the initial display
  • 4 Set up the HTC Sense Home widget

System program for HTC – Sense Home

This is a modern launcher preloaded on the device. If compare with similar programs, Sense Home has the same functions and settings, but supplemented by their individual chips. They are a news translator from popular social networks. networks (twitter, Google, etc.), as well as various screensavers taken from the device’s gallery or purchased from a store. News output blocks customize to the user’s taste, to the smallest detail.

Fix Sense Home application error on HTC

No need to be scared of these messages: “Sense Home Error Has Occurred” or “Process stopped”, etc. Often crashes and program errors happen during continuous operation or during updates, as well as during incompatibilities of some software. Many new programs and games have own cache – a container with data that helps improve and speed up the program. This cache gets clogged over time, filling up with various temporary files, which is why the system various failures and various kinds of messages appear. Next will be instructions following which you can resolve the error messages in Sense Home.

Sense Home Application Error

Sense Home application error

  1. In your HTC smartphone, find the “Settings” item and open his.
  2. In different models, this item may have a different name or “Application Manager”, or simply “Applications”.
  3. Next, you need to find and open the tab “Working” or select instead, “Everything.”
  4. In the list that opens, find the line “Sense Home” and click on her.
  5. The next step is to find “Application Details”.
  6. Now, by the lock, you need to click on “Clear Cache” to delete already unnecessary information, pictures and other similar garbage.
  7. Now click on “Erase data.” After that there may be erased some settings and schemes.
  8. Now you need to restart your smartphone and make sure the health of the program. After the done manipulations we we get a cleaned and working version.
  9. In rare cases, these actions may not help the application. make money without errors. One thing remains – you need to remove the application from phone, download, and then install again.
  10. To save your data in the application – do not erase it, but Update the application itself to the latest version.

    Setting up the Sense Home app

    Setting up the Sense Home app

Sometimes the causes of “glitches” and “brakes” are established Recently games and applications. In this case, establish which programs or games affect the operation of the system widget and is it possible replace it or remove it altogether. You must remember that the more installed in the system of games and all kinds of entertainment programs, more junk and conflicts can occur on your device. The phone needs to be cleaned with special utilities from time to time, which can be downloaded in online stores. And also need install and update smartphone antivirus software for Troubleshooting Sense Home on HTC.

How to add a widget to the initial display

So that you always have access to the widget, you need to add it to smartphone home screen. To do this:

  1. On the screen, on an unoccupied area, tap and hold a long time.
  2. A window pops up in which point to the item “Add widgets and applications. ”
  3. Select the triangle with Widgets.
  4. In the list that opens, select Sense Home or a magnifying glass for search to find input by name. In the settings you can also Set different styles and sizes for some applications.
  5. Now that it has appeared on the main screen, click on it and hold until it is ready to move. Then drag it to the desired place where it will be convenient for you open.

You can also add software to the main screen. components that allow you to enable / disable system functions, like Bluetooth and WIFI technology.

Customizing the HTC Sense Home widget

The HTC Sense Home widget is quick and easy to set up. For to do this:

  • For convenience, add it to the home screen.
  • Make sure the phone’s auto-sensing is turned on location.
  • In the settings for the HTC Sense Home widget, select Customize. Then again, “Configure”.
  • Choose the place where you are to complete the setup.
  • In the widget, click on the triangle, then the menu icon and “Personalizing HTC Sense Home”
  • Specify all parameters and exit.

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